3 Free Play-to-earn NFT Games in 2023

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The gaming business is changing thanks to free play-to-earn NFT games and for a good reason. These free play-to-earn NFT games utilize the blockchain and allow players to receive prizes just by playing the game.

free play-to-earn NFT games powered by blockchain are altering the gaming industry’s paradigm. The non-fungible tokens utilized in the game are recorded on the blockchain and become the user’s property. The best part is that these free play-to-earn NFT games get better every year.

Which game is most likely to be profitable for you? What will free play-to-earn NFT games be the most well-designed in 2022? We will examine your top choices in our thorough article.

Tank Battle

Tank Battle

Best for Casual gaming

What is Tank Battle? A strategy game called Tank Battle pits numerous tanks against one another.

How does Tank Battle work? The first step in the game is choosing a cartoon tank to utilize in combat. Each tank is a non-financial transaction (NFT), which may be upgraded through gaming, sold, and swapped with other players.

Players can position their tanks for optimal effectiveness before the battle. In the game’s actual warfare mode, tanks face off against each other and engage in gun battles. The winner is the first person to destroy every enemy tank.

Tokens for Tank Battle: Players may spend the $TBL currency to buy new tanks and tank components in Tank Battle. The price of one $TBL token is now $0.003329 as of the time of this writing.

Tank Battle NFTs: The game’s NFTs are the actual Tank Battle Tanks. Different tanks perform differently in free play-to-earn NFT games because of differences in their rarity, power ratings, and levels.

Tank NFTs are divided into several groups, including light and heavy tanks, destroyers, and support tanks. Players can mix and match tank types for the most outstanding combat performance. As of this writing, the token is worth $0.003329.

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Tank Battle’s benefits and drawbacks


  • Upon registration, the game rewards players with several tanks.
  • Even if players are not earning anything from the game, it is still entertaining.
  • The gameplay has a well-balanced element of strategy.


  • Tank Battle is only currently available in alpha form.
  • During combat, tanks cannot be moved freely by players since they are immobile.
  • The market capitalization of the $TBL coin is much below its all-time highs.



Best for Metaverse

What is Upland? Upland is a blockchain game that benefits from the growing real estate game market. These, in turn, explore The Metaverse’s idea of a limitless virtual cosmos.

Users have spent close to $2 million buying a virtual estate in Upland. Even if more attractive houses cost money, you may still play the game for free.

How does Upland work? Areas on the Upland map relate to places in reality. Users may gather and exchange items or go on treasure hunts to earn more prizes. There were just a few cities on the first map of the game. The map grew as new owners took over the properties.

The objective is to find free properties to claim or buy properties from other people. These properties can be traded for cash or used as collateral for various activities. Owners can also earn passive revenue when other users visit their property or when they reach specific goals.

Tokens for Upland: UPX is the currency of Upland. It is used to conduct all transactions. Direct platform purchases of UPX can be made with cash or cryptocurrency. Simply put, UPX is a utility token. In the game, it is applied to NFT purchases. Although a blockchain-based system, it cannot be exchanged outside the game.

Upland NFTs: The properties are represented by EOS blockchain-based NFTs. The 13 cities that are included in the game provide locations for these properties. Some NFTs are more valuable than others due to their site and qualities, much as in real life.

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Upland’s benefits and drawbacks


  • Users may locate free homes on the growing map.
  • The game has steadily expanded.
  • There are many occasions when developers host.


  • Immediately after a city is declared, properties sell out.
  • If you want to buy valuable NFTs, you could pay a premium.
  • Games like The Sandbox and Decentraland are competitors.

Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics

Best for Tactical RPG

Voxie Tactics: What Is It? A free play-to-earn NFT game turn-based RPG is Voxie Tactics. Players explore and engage in combat in a block-based, vintage environment as blocky “Voxie” characters.

How does Voxie Tactics work? The game features two distinct game modes: Battle, where the action takes place, and Explore, where players may discover more about the game’s culture and stories.

The main feature of Voxie Tactics is the battle mode, where teams of two to seven Voxie avatars compete against actual people and non-playable characters. Players switch off throughout combat to strike, move, and use various pieces of armor and weaponry. The amount of damage delivered depends on the attack a Voxie employs, the gear it is wearing, and the attack’s direction. These elements work together to give the game its intricate strategy.

Battle modes involve more than simply fighting. Other options include reaching a specific location on the map or rescuing a captive.

Voxie Tactics tokens:‌ The $VOXEL token is used by Voxie Tactics. This token may be obtained through in-game activity or bought on the open market.

In the game Voxie Tactics, $VOXEL may be used to infuse created objects as well as buy, sell, and loan in-game assets. A specific PvP arena for Voxie Tactics may also be accessed via $VOXEL.

Voxie Tactic is a terrific method to start earning cryptocurrency from the beginning because every $VOXEL gained via in-game activities may be sold on the open market.

The majority of in-game products may be bought with the $VOXEL token. $0.43 is the current cost of one $VOXEL.

NFTs by Voxie Tactics: The blocky Voxie characters that players control in the game are the Voxie Tactics NFTs. Even though it is not required, to begin with, buying a Voxie can unlock extra advantages, including higher gameplay rewards and access to exclusive in-game weaponry and stuff. Through the official Voxie Marketplace, proxies can be bought.

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Pros and cons of Voxie Tactics


  • Exceptional free-to-play gameplay
  • The creators are dedicated to keeping a balance between free and premium games.
  • RPG mechanics that are exclusive and not seen in other pay-to-win games


  • With a playable demo still being created
  • Only on PC; further platforms are anticipated to release late in 2022
  • has a slight learning curve because the gameplay is so intricate.


Every game developer desires one of the two main revenue methods when it comes to creating free play-to-earn NFT games. The first is a great way to advertise. The second optimizes your earnings from consumers who pay real money to access advanced content for them by purchasing virtual products. If Free NFT Games players or developers want to do so, using bitcoins as a replacement will simplify the process. Recently, many people have started catching up so they may also tag their digital valuables.

The free play-to-earn NFT games strategy might be viewed as a technique to maximize both sides’ contributions so that everyone is compensated for their worth.

The implementation of this system would give players some degree of control over how their time is spent and what resources are used during gameplay, as well as incentives like discounts or exclusive items obtained through completing quests within free play-to-earn NFT games with an earned currency called “gems.” On the one hand, gaming companies could create a more vibrant in-game economy by using this system.

Furthermore, it seems natural that gamers would want access to incentives that are specifically suited to them since they have already demonstrated their willingness to support these kinds of financial transactions by spending money on aesthetics and upgrades.

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