About US

Cryptodigipedia.com is a website dedicated to all things crypto, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverse, and so on. Because the world of crypto is still relatively young, we collected the bests to assist everyone in entering this world more easily and quickly, as there is a lot of promise in this field. So, let’s take a look at our website’s mission and vision, as well as its history and team members.

Our Mission

Our objective is as simple as it can be: to raise public knowledge of cryptocurrency. There! However, it is not all. We would also want to make investment advice because we have the greatest analysts and experts. They will also introduce you to new projects and opportunities. Aside from that, our tea, will keep you up to speed on the newest crypto news. These are some of our goals for our website, but we also want to be useful in the world of crypto. That is where our vision comes into play. Scroll down to read about our visions as well.

Our Vision

So, now that you’ve learned about SOME of our missions, let’s move on to our vision. We intend to be a center for professionals as well as passionate novices by assessing and comparing crypto projects for traders, as well as analyzing and doing in-depth market research on a weekly basis. A place where everyone can come to study and acquire the most up-to-date information on the subject, such as the hottest AirDrop and ICO chances, as well as the most recent news and events from the crypto world’s influencers.

Who We Are

Now you know everything. Well, almost everything. It is also time to learn about our team. Who are we? We are a team of specialists, analysts, researchers, writers, and designers with many years of expertise in each field. We joined together (see more about it in the Our Story section) to create a nearly perfect website for all the crypto enthusiasts. And our team is expanding on a daily basis. Simply put, you are in capable hands. That is why we came together to create a trustworthy website for you.
P.S. You, too, may be a part of our team. Simply click on the button to become a contributor to our website.

Alireza Hamzavian

Alireza Hamzavian

Content Manager & Head of Analysis Team

Mr. Hamzavian is the Content manager and the head of our analysis team. With many many years of experience, he granted his knowledge and wisdom to the team and co-founded the whole website. With his supervision, our analysis team became one the most trustworthy crypto-analyst out there. Go ahead and contact him and he will change your perspective on the whole crypto world.

Sarah Gasper

Sarah Gasper

Website Manager & Head of SEO Team

Lady Gasper is the foundation of this website and the head of our team. She made it all happen. Her knowledge of how a website works is beyond imagination. With her leadership, our team is working full potential. If you want to keep up with her work here and/or her other project run to her Twitter page.

Our Story

It all started when our manager (more on her later) noticed the need for a crypto website that included everything in one place. She then continued her quest for the ideal team. Everyone else gradually joined the group.

Everyone began working in their own fields. Plans were created with limitless ambition, and missions and visions were established. The website went live, and our crew grew larger and more skilled. Be assured, as I am, that this goal will continue to expand. But that’s only the beginning of our story. Our journey will continue for years, and with your aid, it will become a lengthy and epic story.

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