Ark Invest Sells Tesla Shares and Buys More Coinbase and Robinhood

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Ark Invest, a tech-focused investment firm led by Cathie Wood, has reduced its stake in Tesla and increased its holdings in Coinbase and Robinhood. The move reflects Ark’s confidence in the crypto and fintech sectors, despite the recent market turmoil.

According to its daily trade updates, Ark Invest has sold over $264 million worth of Tesla shares across its ARKK, ARKQ and ARKW ETFs in the past week. The firm is still one of the largest shareholders of Tesla, but it seems to have taken some profits off the table as the electric vehicle maker’s stock price has soared over 140% year-to-date.

Meanwhile, Ark Invest has bought more shares of Coinbase and Robinhood, two leading platforms for crypto trading and investing. The firm has purchased an additional 184,199 shares of Coinbase worth over $42.3 million in its ARKK ETF. It has also added 197,942 shares of Robinhood worth over $8.8 million in the same ETF.

Coinbase and Robinhood are now the fourth and eighth largest holdings in the ARKK ETF, respectively. The firm also holds a significant stake in Square, another company that offers crypto services, which ranks seventh in the ETF.

Ark Invest’s bullishness on crypto and fintech comes at a time when these sectors have faced some challenges and volatility. Coinbase’s share price has dropped as much as 3.75% in the last five days, amid regulatory uncertainty and China’s crackdown on crypto activities. Robinhood’s share price has also fallen 4.16%, following reports of communication between Robinhood and its main market maker Citadel Securities during the GameStop saga.

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However, Ark Invest seems to view these events as opportunities to accumulate more shares at lower prices. The firm believes that crypto and fintech are disruptive innovations that have long-term growth potential. By investing in these sectors, Ark Invest hopes to capture the upside of the digital transformation of finance.

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