Ben ‘BitBoy’ Armstrong Arrested During Livestream Amidst Lamborghini Dispute

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Prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, known as “BitBoy,” made headlines as he was reportedly arrested during a livestream outside the residence of Carlos Diaz, a former business partner with whom he’s been embroiled in a Lamborghini ownership dispute.

Armstrong had hinted at the livestream earlier, posting that he would be “going live soon from a very special location.” Less than an hour later, he was broadcasting himself at Carlos Diaz’s home, a consultant and nonfungible token investor associated with the Hit Network.

During the livestream, Armstrong launched a heated tirade, accusing Diaz of various allegations, including a desire to harm him and purported ties to the Houston mafia. He defiantly exclaimed, “I’m not scared of you, Carlos.”

Approximately 19 minutes into the livestream, local law enforcement arrived at the scene, inquiring if Armstrong was carrying any weapons, which he denied. Subsequently, he was instructed to set down his phone, and the livestream went dark for the remaining 17 minutes, although audio captured the ongoing conversation between Armstrong and the police officers.

Public records from the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office reveal that a Benjamin Charles Armstrong was booked on September 25 at 9:11 pm local time and remains in custody.

Carlos Diaz later confirmed Armstrong’s visit to his residence on September 26. The situation sparked reactions in the crypto community, with some expressing a sense of karma catching up with Armstrong, who has been a controversial figure.

In late August, the Hit Network, which manages the “BitBoy Crypto” brand, severed ties with Ben Armstrong, citing issues related to substance abuse and financial harm to employees. Subsequently, several legal disputes emerged, although some were later withdrawn. On September 20, Armstrong solicited donations to cover his legal expenses, a move that garnered mixed reactions within the crypto community.

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