Best Crypto Demo Platforms for Beginner Traders | 2024

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Cryptocurrency trading has gained significant popularity in recent years, attracting a growing number of individuals who are eager to explore this exciting financial market. For beginner cryptocurrency traders, getting hands-on experience and understanding the intricacies of trading can be crucial to their success. That’s where crypto demo platforms come into play. These platforms provide a risk-free environment for beginners to practice trading with virtual funds before venturing into the real market. In this article, we will explore some of the best crypto demo platforms that are ideal for beginners.

What Is Crypto Demo Trading?

Cryptocurrency demo trading or virtual trading, is a practice environment that allows individuals to simulate trading cryptocurrencies without using real money. It provides a risk-free platform where users can experience the process of buying, selling, and trading digital currencies in a simulated market environment.

In crypto demo trading, users are typically provided with virtual funds or tokens to use for making trades. These funds are not real and hold no value outside of the demo trading platform. Users can explore different trading strategies, test out their ideas, and gain hands-on experience in the crypto market without incurring any financial losses.

Crypto Demo Trading

Demo trading platforms often offer features and tools similar to those found in real trading platforms. Users can access real-time market data, use various order types, analyze charts and indicators, and monitor their performance. This allows individuals to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of cryptocurrency trading and gain confidence before engaging in actual trading with real money.

Crypto demo trading is particularly useful for beginners who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and want to learn the ropes without risking their funds. It also benefits experienced traders who wish to test new strategies or experiment with different trading techniques without financial consequences.

Overall, crypto demo trading serves as a valuable educational and training tool, providing individuals with the opportunity to practice and refine their trading skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Is Crypto Demo Trading Different from Paper Trading?

No, crypto demo trading is not different from paper trading. The terms “crypto demo trading” and “paper trading” are often used interchangeably and refer to the same concept.

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Both crypto demo trading and paper trading involve simulated trading environments where individuals can practice trading without using real money. They provide virtual funds or tokens that users can use to make trades and simulate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

The purpose of both crypto demo trading and paper trading is to allow individuals to gain experience, test strategies, and familiarize themselves with the mechanics of trading in a risk-free setting. The simulated market conditions in these environments aim to replicate real-market scenarios, providing users with a realistic trading experience.

Whether it is referred to as crypto demo trading or paper trading, the underlying concept remains the same: a practice platform that enables users to engage in simulated trading activities using virtual funds.

Best Crypto Demo Platforms for Beginner Traders

1. eToro


When you join eToro as a new user, you can open a practice account with $100,000 in virtual funds. This allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets without the risk of losing real money. You can choose from 16 digital currencies to analyze their price charts, use indicators, draw lines and patterns, and place buy and sell orders.

One of the great things about eToro is its news feed, where traders worldwide can share their trade ideas, chart analysis, and opinions on the market direction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. This community can help you learn from other traders, find potential trading opportunities, and understand different trading strategies.

It’s important to remember that each trader on eToro has their own strategy. However, one advantage of using eToro is that you can explore different trading methods by following “Popular Investors” and replicating their trades in your demo account. This allows you to learn their trading style, evaluate their performance, and see how much you could potentially earn with real money.

Additionally, eToro has a mobile trading app that supports the demo account. This means you can monitor your positions, place orders, and keep an eye on the market from your mobile device.

Please note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, and the trading history presented may not be sufficient for making investment decisions. It’s always important to be aware of the risks involved in trading.

2. Binance


To start demo trading on Binance, you need to have a Binance Futures account. Once you have created an account, you can start demo trading with a virtual balance of 3,000 USDT. While this starting capital may not be as high as other demo exchanges, it still allows you to practice your crypto trading skills with a smaller account. The Binance demo account works like a testnet environment, which simulates the real trading experience.

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The demo platform on Binance provides you with all the necessary tools for chart analysis and different order types, such as market, limit, stop limit, stop market, trailing stop, and post only orders. This is a significant advantage as it allows you to experiment and familiarize yourself with these order types. Compared to other demo platforms, Binance’s demo platform is more advanced and provides a realistic trading environment.

In terms of trading pairs, the Binance demo platform offers USDT perpetual contracts, which can be traded with high leverage of up to 125x, just like on the real Futures platform. This means you can practice trading on more than 233 supported crypto trading pairs on the demo exchange. However, it’s important to note that the Binance demo exchange may not be as user-friendly as some other options, but it provides a close-to-real experience for mock trading. Keep in mind that the candlestick prices on the demo platform may not always be accurate and could differ from actual prices.

Overall, Binance is a reputable platform with a robust demo trading feature that allows you to practice your crypto trading skills in a realistic environment.

3. ByBit 


To place orders on ByBit’s testnet, users need to create a separate account (not connected to the main exchange). They will receive a free $50,000 paper trading account. Creating a testnet account is quick and easy with just email verification. The testnet provides access to the full platform, where users can trade various cryptocurrencies. It allows users to practice trading in a simulated environment, including spot, margin, leveraged tokens, and even creating trading bots with virtual funds.

The testnet closely resembles the actual exchange, allowing users to execute trades, set profit/loss levels, and more. This is particularly helpful for beginners to practice different trading methods and risk management controls.

Once users are comfortable with paper trading, they can start trading on the margin platform with a funded wallet. To be eligible for a deposit bonus, users can create an account using ByBit’s referral link.

4. BitMEX


BitMEX Testnet is the name of BitMEX’s practice trading platform. It lets users practice trading cryptocurrency contracts without using real money. When you make a Testnet account, you’ll get 100,000 pretend USDT to use. The platform has advanced trading options, like the ability to use high leverage up to 100 times and different types of orders. BitMEX is popular among experienced traders who want to try out more complex trading strategies. However, it’s important to note that the prices on Testnet may not match the real prices on BitMEX, and the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading is limited compared to the regular BitMEX platform.

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5. TradingView


TradingView is a useful online tool for tracking different trading strategies. It provides a variety of charts and graphs that help traders analyze the market. TradingView also offers a free demo account where users can practice making trades and test out their ideas. The platform has advanced features, such as the ability to see real market data from different exchanges and set alerts for specific price levels. Traders can also add extra indicators to their charts to get more information. While TradingView doesn’t have the best customer support, it’s widely respected as one of the top charting platforms for both cryptocurrency and traditional markets. It’s especially popular among experienced investors who already know how to use the platform effectively. If you want to learn more, read our article about “How to Paper Trade on TradingView.”

6. Phemex Testnet

Phemex Testnet

Phemex Testnet is a practice platform for trading cryptocurrencies that works alongside the Phemex exchange. However, it’s important to note that the range of available coins is somewhat limited. The focus is mainly on popular options like BTC, ETH, and USDT. So, if you’re interested in practicing with smaller, more unique currencies, this platform might not be the best choice. Nevertheless, Phemex Testnet does have its advantages. It provides helpful tutorial guides to assist users and ensures that their data is well protected. Phemex Testnet is designed to offer a safe space for users to experiment with different trading strategies and analyze market trends without any actual financial risk.


For beginners who are getting started with cryptocurrency trading, using demo platforms can be a helpful way to begin. However, it’s important to approach crypto trading with caution. Take the time to educate yourself about market trends and learn risk management techniques. It’s also advisable to start with small investments to minimize potential losses. Remember, it’s a journey that requires patience and continuous growth.

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