Best Crypto Podcasts Every Investor Should Listen To

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Crypto lovers and investors alike need to keep up to date since the emerging cryptocurrency business is continuously expanding and changing. It is important for all industry participants to actively keep up with the rapid pace of innovation. Best crypto podcasts are a way to do that.

There are many methods to keep current, but education needs always come first. In other words, anyone occupying the place must deliberately attempt to arm themselves with pertinent information about what is occurring there, both technically and legally.

Having said that, podcasts are a useful tool for informing and bringing people up to speed on the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency world. There are specific podcast channels for news, interviews, evaluations of products, education, and other topics. They are equally appropriate for various audiences even if they are each designed for distinct and particular reasons.

Regardless of their degree of experience, we have produced a list of the top 10 best crypto podcasts that every investor and crypto enthusiast should think about listening to. Let’s begin:

10. Crypto 101

If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, you should have the Crypto 101 podcast on your list of go-to sources when you’re attempting to study the analytical and theoretical underpinnings of the cryptocurrency market. The biweekly podcast is hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone and focuses on the technical and analytical sides of the crypto industry.

The co-hosts’ use of straightforward (i.e., jargon-free) and straightforward language makes it considerably easier for beginners to follow along, even if they are teaching about technical and analytical elements of cryptocurrencies. Listeners will undoubtedly learn something new from each episode as Malone and Paul discuss various subjects.

Similar to how they usually conduct the program by themselves, the pair occasionally invites guests to speak, most of whom are respected market professionals within the business and other best crypto podcasts.

These guest speakers frequently provide an intimate look at various projects, cryptocurrency businesses, research discoveries, and other topics. In addition, the length of each episode of this podcast varies based on the topic being covered, from 25 minutes to a little over an hour.

9. Web3 Breakdowns

Since this podcast primarily focuses on Web3 and the projects inside the ecosystem, there is no end to the topics you may learn about, just as the name indicates. So, now is your time to learn more about the internet’s future and how emerging technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc., will play a significant role.

Entrepreneur and angel investor Eric Golden hosts this podcast, which introduces viewers to complex Web3 subjects including well-known NFT initiatives, digital assets, blockchain-based protocols, and companies using Web3 architecture.

Additionally, the podcast channel hosts interviews with professionals in the field, including company founders, investors, and other key figures in the crypto industry as well as the broader web3 ecosystem. The average listening length for this specific podcast is 35 minutes, rarely going above an hour.

8. The Bad Crypto

Although it is obvious from the podcast’s title that you will learn about scam cryptocurrencies, this is one of the best crypto podcasts and is not the only topic covered on this podcast.

The Bad Crypto podcast, hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, features a variety of intriguing topics, including cryptocurrency news, phony tokens, and investing techniques. And guess what? This team isn’t afraid to “call a spade a spade” when it comes to problems with dishonest individuals in the crypto industry.

This daring move alone makes this channel a favorite of experienced investors as well as newcomers learning their way around the crypto world. Additionally, they make price predictions and occasionally have experts on the cryptocurrency market and finance in general as guests. This podcast typically has a streaming duration of 40 to 60 minutes.

7. Bankless

The transition from traditional banking to decentralized finance and maybe decentralized banking has been the subject of extensive study. The bankless podcast is ideal for you if you find the subject fascinating.

The hosts and speakers of this podcast are Mythos Capital founders Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, who are essentially trying to break people free of banks by investigating the crypto sphere.

Here, listeners will learn about the evolving issues in the cryptocurrency industry and workable solutions that may be put into place to affect the primary markets, such as global finance, which is gradually but surely integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency alike.

Additionally, listeners have access to market information on the most recent cryptocurrency initiatives, including those that are either not particularly well-known or have not yet attained widespread adoption in this example of the best crypto podcasts. The Bankless podcast’s episodes last anywhere from 60 to 100 minutes.

6. Crypto Island

The name alone gives the impression that this podcast will be full of adventure and will be quite entertaining for its viewers.

You may anticipate hearing about some of the little-known facts and myths about the developing business since, unlike most of its peers, this podcast fundamentally investigates the strange and exciting world of cryptocurrencies. More specifically, the podcast explores the strange human tales that lie underneath the worlds of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies alike, even if it focuses more on cryptocurrencies.

As an example, the first episode of the recently released podcast sheds light on the story of a private island in Fiji that is being transformed into a utopian community and is home to only the “crypto wealthy, Bitcoin dynasts, and Dogecoin princelings.” Check out this podcast if you enjoy learning about these kinds of discoveries.

5. Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible, one of the top-rated cryptocurrency podcasts with a 4.9/5 star rating on Apple’s podcast ratings, certainly gets it right with its topic selection. Guy Swann, the podcast’s host, in particular, examines the nature of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets from a variety of angles, including those of investing, economic analysis, philosophical underpinnings, and technology.

This channel is undoubtedly one of the best crypto podcasts for you if you have experience in the crypto sphere but need to learn more about some of the more challenging crypto issues. You may expect to learn about a variety of fascinating subjects, including privacy, fungibility, anonymity, the environmental argument for Bitcoin, and much more. You may anticipate listening to each episode of the podcast for between 50 and 75 minutes as it explores some of the most important features of cryptocurrencies.

4. Bitcoin Magazine

This podcast is hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, one of the oldest and most trustworthy sources of news and expert comments on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

In essence, the podcast discusses a variety of tales and events that have influenced the value, outlook, and community around some of the most well-known crypto projects in the world.

The program also features industry professionals who discuss important problems, particularly those involving policy and regulation, adoption, and how emerging technologies might change the world.

3. Opinionated

One of the many podcast shows and best crypto podcasts that the Coindesk crew hosts is called Opinionated. And this specific series is distinctive since it explores contentious issues and recent events in the cryptocurrency industry.

The podcast channel’s three hosts, Ben Schiller, Anna Baydakova, and Danny Nelson, joke with a variety of guests, most of whom are respectable representatives from important crypto brands, marketers, and investors, among others.

The hosts’ frequently at-odds positions give this podcast a truly opinionated tone, as the title suggests, and make it entertaining for listeners. Each episode of Opinionated typically lasts between 25 and 50 minutes.

2. Unchained

The Unchained podcast, hosted by Laura Shin, explores a variety of topics, one of which is trending issues with leading figures in the business. Listeners may learn about how blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are impacting human life and their perspective on technological growth in the podcast, which typically lasts for about an hour.

The podcast frequently features notable discussions on topics including how blockchain is changing how people engage with the finance industry, NFT bubbles, crypto payments, and many more. Shin not only introduces her audience to guests who are subject-matter experts despite having qualifications to support her understanding in the area and that may be the point that makes Uncgained one of the best crypto podcasts you can find.

1. The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano is one of the most well-known and fascinating figures in the cryptocurrency world, and this is in large part due to his objective assessment of practically everything that occurs in the industry.

The Pomp Podcast, hosted by Pompliano, offers daily doses of information about cryptocurrencies and general financial analysis. Pompliano, in particular, highlights notable figures from the worlds of business, finance, and, as one might anticipate, cryptocurrency.

This podcast gives listeners access to a range of informative discussions as well as insights into the global economy, the evolving difficulties associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, workable solutions, and good investment ideas.


Now that you’ve learned about the best crypto podcasts, it’s time to start listening. You can remain up to speed with all the newest news and developments in the cryptocurrency sector by subscribing to a handful of these top crypto podcasts. This is a critical step if you want to make educated cryptocurrency investing selections.

Because the crypto podcast scene is continuously evolving, be sure to return frequently for fresh and updated recommendations. We hope you like this collection of excellent crypto podcasts and find them useful on your voyage down the bitcoin rabbit hole!

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