CryptoCars NFT Game: How to Play the Game?

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Cryptocars is a new NFT game that has quickly become one of the top NFT games. Cryptocars is an excellent choice for gamers who want to play to earn (P2E). The game is simple to play and understand, providing gamers with both enjoyment and profit.

This game uses cars as NFTs and provides several opportunities for players to profit. Furthermore, like previous games, it includes a system in which each car has unique traits that directly impact the game. Continue reading to learn more about Cryptoca.

What is Cryptocars?

Cryptocars is an NFT video game in the form of cars. They, like airplanes, are part of the CriptoCity metaverse built by the SGS Team. NFTs in Cryptocars are a member of the Binance ecosystem and so of the Binance Smart Chain. It employs the BEP-721 technology, indicating that each aircraft is unique and has genuine value in the crypto market.

To use CryptoCars, a web application and a mobile app are supplied. Different PVC (player-versus-computer) and PVP (player-versus-player) situations demonstrate the mechanics of racing other cars.

Cryptocars is a straightforward game to play. The primary concept of the game is to have cars participate in races while earning resources, XP, and CCAR (the Cryptocars currency). It provides a simulator in which players click on the designated button, waits a few seconds for the race or combat to be settled, race against other cars, and eventually view the outcome of their profits. Gamers can use the freeway and click and wait for the race to end, or they can use the “quick mode” and spend a CCAR token to have the races end instantly.

The game utilizes the blockchain-based BigchainDB software. Cryptocars have decentralization, immutability, and ownership of NFT assets. It is also a database with data indexing capabilities, a high transaction rate, and minimal fees. That will provide minimal player fees and quick transactions amongst NFT holders.

How does the CryptoCars NFT Game operate?

The game relies entirely on two elements: cars and the CCAR token. This token complies with the Binance Smart Chain standard (BEP-20) and is the currency players use to invest and earn money in the game.

CCAR is an internal payment system for buying and selling auto resources and a prize for participating in tournaments and routine missions. Furthermore, the token might purchase car workshops, gamble, and stake. On decentralized exchanges, CCAR can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. To obtain this token, players must win fights and race the cars. The races are simulated, and cars compete against one another.

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It is important to remember that because each car in the game is an NFT, it is unique, which allows the player to earn by selling cars and components in the title market. Because each car is fantastic, it has its characteristics, such as a specific performance in races, which immediately boosts or reduces the price of the car. NFT cars also include vital information such as “power,” “speed,” “drift,” and “fuel.” One of the most significant is gasoline because some fuel is needed during each race, making it feasible to compete with the cars just a few times daily. Every 24 hours, energy is replenished, allowing you to compete again and receive rewards.


To play, you must choose your car and select “virtual races”. There are two options: free or fast, with the latter using a CCAR for each car used. The race begins after a few seconds of simulation, and materials and CCAR are added to the profile. A typical car receives between 20 and 30 CCARs every day.

The resources may be used to upgrade your car so that it receives more CCAR after each race, and with these, you can purchase new cars to increase your statistics. This contains enhanced fuel capacity, allowing you to train or battle more frequently daily for more rewards.

How to start playing?

The goal of this car race game, like any other, is to win races and earn experience points and supplies. Depending on your car type, the amount of games you may play every day goes from 4 to 6. You have to wait for the gasoline to replenish itself.

To begin playing, you must first purchase a car using CCAR. This currency is obtained using the Binance Smart Chain, which is interoperable with most crypto wallets, including the MetaMask wallet.

To do so, you must first add the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to MetaMask. It is a simple technique on the MetaMask wallet that increases the likelihood of accepting deposits. Then go to, a popular exchange.

There, check for the CCAR coin with its contract number and swap it for any other cryptocurrency offered on that platform (such as USDT, DAI, ETH).

Once you have your CCARs in MetaMask, you must link them to the Cryptocars NFT Game, where you may buy cars, “item boxes,” or “blind boxes” in the marketplace to receive your own unique NFT car and begin earning CCAR.

The “cars” section allows you to manage your cars, race them, examine their qualities, potential mergers, and so on. You may even upgrade your racing car at stores.

In the game, you must accumulate enough experience points to utilize resources and raise the level of your cars, allowing them to run faster and win more races. Furthermore, resources and cars may be readily swapped in the Marketplace.

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The first thing you’ll need is a car, which you may purchase. With your car in hand, you may press the start button, wait for your competitors to join the race, and try to win. If you win, you will receive CCARS, the game’s native token. The position of your car at the end of the race has a direct impact on your payout. For example, if you finish third, you can get 3.5 CCARS and 150 experience.

You can continue racing until you run out of petrol or gasoline. You must wait 24 hours for the gas to be replaced before you may play the next day.

At the end of the day, if you’ve completed all the races, you may click on awards to see how much you’ve earned in CCARS and your experience.

Keep this in mind while purchasing your first car!


As previously stated, CCARS is required to purchase your first card. CCARS may be obtained using Pancakeswap in exchange for BNB. You can buy your first car after you have CCARS in your wallet. To begin, you may purchase a box in cars for 600 CCAR and unbox it to acquire a random car. The car might be standard or, if you’re lucky, uncommon. You should know that you cannot sell your car on the Marketplace for seven days.

Alternatively, you may utilize the game’s Marketplace to choose the car you want. The cheapest option to start investing the least amount of money in learning how the game works is to buy a box. Those who wish to make more money in the game can purchase a decent car.

If you want to acquire a car from the Marketplace, it is essential to check the fuel or gasoline so that you may run four races instead of three and earn more money with that car. To make the best choice, consider factors such as the car’s level, speed, and rarity.

The game has four car types: classic, standard, super, and unusual. Traditional and popular cars hold 60 gallons of gasoline, which is enough for four races. The super has 75 fuel and the uncommon 90 fuel, enabling 5 and 6 games, respectively.

All materials needed to upgrade the cars may be purchased on the market; these materials come in boxes and cost at least 10 CCAR tokens or more. In addition, the most recent fusion invention allows players to fuse cars. You may combine two “ordinary” cars to create a “legendary” car. The legendary car has extra fuel and improved stats.

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What exactly is CCAR, and how is the token used?

The CCAR coin is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a total supply of 100,000,000 CCAR. The token can be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Decentralized exchanges are used for staking and trading.
  • Purchase supplies and improve cars.
  • As a prize for completing in-game competitions and tasks

As explained, the CCAR token is utilized in the game to make all trades and supplements. Remember that the token is now available on the Pancakeswap and DoDo exchanges.

NFTs in CryptoCars

Power, speed, drift, and fuel are the four significant NFTs in CryptoCars. One of the most crucial NFTs is fuel, as players use it to compete in races. As a result, the more gasoline a player has, the more races they can run in a day. NFT fuel is replenished every 24 hours, allowing players to compete and earn prizes again.

Furthermore, each car in CryptoCars is an NFT of varied rarity. They are classified as classic, standard, super, and uncommon. They are the most valuable item in the game, and players may improve them using the different materials awarded for playing.

How do you level up NFT cars?

Players may utilize resources to enhance the level of their car when they gain enough experience points. The following metrics grow as cars level up:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Drifting
  • Fuel

Making Money with CryptoCars

The entire experience begins with purchasing your first car, then obtaining CCAR and leveling up your car as soon as you have enough tokens. Since then, it will be long until you’ve generated enough money to begin recouping your investment.

Cryptocars make it easy to earn more in the game; if you sell your car, you may continue to race it while it is on the market. As a result, you can make money till someone buys it. A good suggestion is to periodically upgrade your cars with materials and use the fuel to play and recharge them so that it does not cease generating.

Another way to gain money is to buy and resell cars. However, training and fighting every day are preferable.


This is a play-to-earn game, meaning your time and money are well spent. Then you should be aware that the CCAR cryptocurrency currently has a market capitalization of $ 75,720,262. Furthermore, there are many participants, and according to developer sources, about 20 million transactions have already been completed, saving a significant amount in fees.

The profitability will be determined by the car offered in the blind box or the one purchased by the participants. However, the average return on investment is approximately 20 days. It may be claimed that after the specified time, the participants will recoup their losses and begin to profit.

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