Epic Games Store welcomes Gods Unchained, a Web3 trading card game

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Gods Unchained, a Web3 trading card game powered by Ethereum and Immutable X, has launched on the Epic Games Store, one of the largest PC gaming platforms in the world. The game is now accessible to over 230 million gamers who use Epic Games to discover and play new games.

Gods Unchained is a game where players can collect, trade and battle with digital cards that are represented by nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Each card is unique and belongs to the player who owns it. The game offers a variety of modes, such as ranked matches, tournaments and solo adventures.

The game was released in June 2019 and has grown its player base to 80,000 weekly active players in January 2022. The game also features a marketplace where players can buy and sell cards using cryptocurrency.

Daniel Paez, executive producer of Gods Unchained, said that the launch on Epic Games Store is a significant milestone for the game and the Web3 gaming industry. He said that he is excited to introduce the game to a new and massive audience of PC gamers and trading card game enthusiasts.

The launch comes at a time when Web3 games are facing challenges from Steam, the world’s largest PC game distributor. In October 2021, Steam announced that it would not allow Web3 games on its platform and removed Age of Rust, a game that offered NFT perks to its players. In response, some Web3 developers and supporters have created alternative platforms, such as Hyperplay, to distribute and promote Web3 games.

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