Everything About Solice Crypto: The First VR Metaverse on Solana

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We’ve all heard about Metaverse, a link that joins the physical and virtual worlds. Many successful cryptocurrency projects already exist in this field, such as Decentraland (MANA Coin) and Pavia crypto metaverse, but most of them lack two features: immersive staking and VR integration.

Solice Crypto Metaverse seeks to close this gap and expand the Metaverse with new groundbreaking concepts. The auction of LAND spaces followed the ICO on December 29th, 2021, which offered its native currency, $SLC (scheduled in 2022).

If you’re debating whether to contribute money to this endeavor or wondering how to join Solice Metaverse, read on. Wait no longer; this post has all the information you need to make a decision and will address all your concerns. Let’s explore Solice Crypto.

What is Solice Crypto?

Built on the Solana crypto blockchain, Solice Crypto is a decentralized VR game metaverse. Similar to previous Metaverses, Solice will allow users to play, create, socialize, own, and sell their virtual assets across many platforms, fostering an economy that is player-centric.

Players will have a variety of ways to earn money from in-game treasures including pets, jewels, and other NFTs in addition to owning LAND areas. They will be able to construct games, add 3D static objects, generate content, and more on their paid LAND plots, just like Decentraland. Active participants will receive tokens and uncommon items of SLC value as rewards.

The maximum number of LAND spaces on Solice is 60,000.

A non-fungible, limited-edition digital asset called LAND on Solice is kept on the Solana blockchain. Due to the fact that each LAND is distinct and transferable, it is the most sought-after NFT in the Solice ecosystem. For more information on NFT, see my post on Enjin Coin.

Solice Coin $SLC: What is it?

The native money of the Solice Metaverse is the Solice coin, which is an SPL token (Solana Program Library) token. SLC will be the economic and governance token that will be essential to the commercialization of NFT collectibles and in-game items. A specific amount of $SLC is set aside for the users to get incentives for actively participating in the Metaverse, as well as for the core team to spend for community treasury and staking rewards.

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Additionally, Solice Coin will allow marketplace transactions for NFT sales and asset production. The group has completed its seed and private sale rounds effectively. It is getting ready for a public sale; information about that round is given in the post’s ICO section.

400 million Solice Coins may be purchased in total.

A Look into the Solice Metaverse

So let’s discuss some entertaining aspects of the Solice Metaverse. What does it consist of? How can you help? what to anticipate from the Solice Metaverse VR experience, etc.


The user’s in-game persona is their avatar. It is a virtual persona that the user creates to reflect their identity in the metaverse. Avatar is a fully customizable avatar that may have its skin color, hairstyle, outfit, accessories, and other features changed entirely.


The Solana blockchain is home to the non-fungible, scarce digital asset known as LAND. In accordance with the project roadmap, LAND sales will be held in 2022 during which users will be able to make purchases.

Solice tokens ($SLC) may be used to buy LAND. As a result, it’s crucial to participate in the public auction round if you want to buy land during a land sale. In the Solice metaverse, there will always be 60,000 LAND areas.

The dimensions of each (1X1) LAND plot are 16 meters by 16 meters.


In the Solice Metaverse, pets are represented by virtual tokens called Pet. Pets will be trackable in the Metaverse and accessible to LAND owners. Pets have varying rarities and characteristics.


There are gates that link to the void dungeons periodically throughout the Solice metaverse. Users will be able to enter the dungeons through the gate and take part in a range of tasks and activities there. Users who succeed in the challenges can receive uncommon assets or $SLC tokens as payment. Five to seven days will pass with the gates open.


The marketplace serves as a hub for the trade of digital goods. In order to provide customers with a full experience before making a purchase, it will also be introduced inside the Solice Metaverse. Land plots, structures, pets, unique Avatars, diamonds, and many other things may be traded at the market.

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The editor enables users to construct, produce, and distribute their own assets or mini-games. These resources can be converted by users into digital scarcity tokens (NFT).


The identifying mechanism utilized by Solice will be called Solice ID. Before joining the Metaverse, users will need to connect their wallets to their Solice IDs for identification.

Solice Immersive Staking: What is it?

Solice crypto immersive staking, also known as LAND staking, enables LAND owners to receive benefits by staking SLC tokens on the LANDS that they possess. Additionally, it allows players a chance to acquire uncommon components or minerals that may be utilized to forge unique, valuable items.

The second-best location to locate these uncommon components or commodities will be Marketplace, but it will cost significantly more.

Solice Crypto IDO:

On December 29, 2021, on the Solanium Launchpad, Solice crypto announced the start of its initial public offering (IDO). On December 27th, 2021, whitelisting got underway, and then there was a lottery and a sale of $SLC tokens to those who qualified. According to the vesting schedule, the token distribution began on January 3rd, 2022. The timetable is shown below:

Solice Tokenomics $SLC:

The fixed supply of SLC tokens will be 400 million. The cost of each token during the open auction was $0.07. It is significant to remember that only 8,000,000, or 2% of the entire supply, were made available to the general population.

Vesting Schedule:

It is evident from the vesting timeline that the token will continue to be in short supply until 2022. The majority of the supply will be made available starting in 2023 in order to meet anticipated demand and staking incentives in the metaverse.

Solice Crypto Benefits

In order to gain extra SLC tokens or staking incentives in the form of rare materials or components, Solice is the only metaverse project that allows LAND owners to stake $SLC on their LAND. There isn’t a Metaverse at present that has this functionality.

Model for User-Designed Revenue:

Users of Solice can create their own Metaverse income generation models. For instance, a LAND owner can rent out space to an artist so that the artist can display his digital art gallery within the Metaverse and charge people a fee to enter.

Crafting Method:

Users can obtain rare materials or components through staking, which can then be used to build rare NFTs, making them incredibly uncommon and precious. more valued as a result.

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Using Solana Blockchain:

Following Ethereum, Solana has emerged as one of the most popular blockchains with large-scale projects operating concurrently, such as its cooperation with FTX. Additionally, it boasts a record of 65,000 tps and a 13-second transaction finality time.

First metaverse suited for VR:

According to Solice crypto, it is the first VR-ready Metaverse that can be used on a variety of hardware, software, and operating system platforms.

Solice Drawbacks

Unlike any other Metaverse, Solice is brimming with appealing features and has a lot to offer. However, the initiative is still in the early stages and uses an untested idea (LAND staking, Revenue models, etc).

Ineffective Public IDO Allocation

Only 8 million tokens, or 2% of Solice’s total supply, were made available for the public sale round. one of the least expensive items up for auction.


Solice crypto may be a little bit late for the Metaverse celebration. In this field, initiatives like Sandbox crypto, PAVIA, and Decentraland are already capturing users’ interest and market share. The initial push for Solice metaverse could be a little challenging.

Solice NFT

A number of NFTs from Solice crypto have already begun to be released. While the majority of them are Solice Genesis Avatars, some of them are NPCs (non-playable characters) that are still in development. Additionally, Solice crypto has stated that it would not create purely gender-based avatars but will instead design hybrid ones that will resemble listing this

You may buy Solice Genesis Avatars at the Magic Eden NFT store.

Is Solice Crypto worth Investing in?

For the original investors, Solice IDO was a big success. The NFT Metaverse’s congruence with the project and the token’s cheap price of $0.07 USD per make it the most appealing cryptocurrency project to invest in. Even $100 invested in the IDO will have a decent possibility of making profits relative to losses, and the recent listing of the $SLC token on Gate.io has amply demonstrated the project’s power when it easily reached the $1 threshold on launch day. It is obvious that the return is superior to the risk.

In addition, $SLC tokens will be utilized to buy LAND at the 2022 LAND Sales. Investing in the IDO and purchasing a LAND plot as soon as they become available for purchase makes sense.

If you’re interested in the ideas behind the Metaverse. You must invest only after conducting thorough research on Solice.

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