Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Arweave Token

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Arweave is a decentralized storage network. What distinguishes Arweave from other projects? Find out more about AR Tokenomics!!!

In this essay, we will present Arweave, a decentralized storage network. The following subjects will be covered:

● The Beginner’s Guide. How does Arweave function?
● AR Tokenomics and Earning and Storing AR Tokens
● Roadmap and Updates
● Members of the team, investors, and strategic partners
● Let us investigate the possibilities of augmented reality!

The Beginner’s Guide

Arweave is a piece of software that aims to permanently store files over a dispersed network of computers. Its objective is to create something like the legendary Library of Alexandria: a digital archive that will last forever.

As a result, Arweave shares many similarities with other decentralized storage platforms, like Filecoin and Sia, which both employ cryptocurrencies to build marketplaces for users to buy and sell data storage services.

Aarweave, like these ambitious protocols, aims to disrupt a market controlled by incumbent storage behemoths such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

What distinguishes Arweave from competitors is its dedication to permanently preserving data via unique incentives based on its AR coin.

Because of the way Arweave is designed, anyone who stores data should be able to earn money even after paying for its decentralized storage service.

Furthermore, files saved on Arweave may be accessed using standard web browsers, eliminating the need for a specific wallet or blockchain service. Another important feature in the works is a voting mechanism allowing people to filter unlawful material.

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Arweave has already begun storing data from the Internet Archive as of 2020, in a collaboration that it hopes will help keep that storied institution’s data resistant to tampering.

How does Arweave function?

To combat the internet’s current trajectory, Arweave created the blockweave, a new data storage technique based on a blockchain-like structure.

Blockweave is a unique blockchain system with a twist. A blockchain is a database that uses ‘blocks’ to store data in an immutable manner, which means that the data does not or cannot change. A community must validate all current information before any new information is added to this database.

This is a very secure means of guaranteeing that the information remains unchanged, but it is also time and energy-consuming.

Arweave redesigned this technique such that only a randomly selected block, rather than the entire blockchain, needs to be validated. Arweave refers to it as a blockweave rather than a blockchain since the recall of the prior block forms a type of weave structure.

The blockweave solved the problem of keeping the information in a safe place where it would not be altered and could be quickly retrieved when needed.

But where would this data be stored, and how could it be ensured that it would be retained indefinitely?

Thanks to this twist on the technology that developed the blockweave, Arweave was now able to design a different set of rules and incentives for the individuals who store the data and ensure that they did so for lengthy periods of time.

What exactly is the AR token?

Arweave’s native utility token is AR.

AR Key Metrics

Ticker: AR.
Blockchain: Arweare.
Consensus: Proof of Access.
Smart Contract: Unknown.
Token type: Utility Token.
Total Supply: 66,000,000 AR.
Circulating Supply: 50,108,502 AR (75.9% of the total supply).

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AR Token Allocation

Seed Sale: 9%.
Private Sale: 13.42%.
Public Sale: (ICO): 3.75%.
Strategic Partners: 5.42%.
Advisors: 2.42%.
Team: 10.83%.
Techstarts: 0.5%.
Adoption Incentives: 15.92%.
Project: 22.07%.
Mining Rewards: 16.67%.

Release Dates for AR Tokens

The genesis block generated 55 million AR tokens at the network’s inception on June 8th, 2018. An additional 11 million AR tokens will be gradually introduced into circulation as block mining incentives.

Use Cases for AR Tokens

Transaction fees: All transaction costs on the Arweave network must be paid in AR. This covers the expenses of data storage and retrieval and interfacing with the network’s numerous DApps.
Mining incentive tokens: Computers on the network that provide storage services must take their incentives exclusively in AR tokens.

How to Obtain an AR Token

Mining on Arweave can earn you AR tokens.

How to Purchase AR Tokens

AR can be purchased on exchanges such as Binance, MEXC, Gate.io, and others.

Aside from that, Arweave’s integrations with Fiat on-ramps Ramp and Transak enabled anyone in the world with a credit card to purchase AR.

How to store AR Token

For the time being, AR is only compatible with the Arweave web extension wallet. You can get it using Chrome, Firefox, or Brave.

Roadmap for Arweave

Arweave’s strategy for 2022 will be focused on constructing a decentralized marketing infrastructure as well as a new, better web. Arweave.news now has a full-time crew committed to producing informative articles on the Permaweb ecosystem. This gives the community more information on Arweave.


Sam Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Arweave and a co-founder. His areas of expertise include decentralization, bitcoin, Erlang, and operating systems. Between 2011 and 2014, Sam attended the University of Nottingham and graduated with honors in computer science. In 2014, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kent.

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Arweave received $5 million in venture fundraising headed by Andreessen Horowitz in November 2019. The seed round was apparently oversubscribed, with Multicoin Capital, Union Square Ventures, 1kx, and Techstars participating.

Arweave received $8.3 million in additional fundraising in March 2020 from Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures.


Arweave already has collaborations with Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche, NEAR, and Skale.

Is Arweave (AR) a decent stock to buy?

Arweave is developing the Permaweb, a vital component of the Web3 stack. Many investors are interested in the phrase “Web3,” and a huge quantity of investment money has lately poured in. Arweave is a forerunner in this sector.

Data, a vital component of sophisticated technology, reigns supreme in the twenty-first century. The Arweave protocol is a powerful blockchain network with the potential to revolutionize how people save and manage data online.

As with any investment, you should conduct your own research and only invest money that you can afford to lose. Consider whether you believe the price can continue to rise. Make sure you understand the competition and truly play the game in which you want to spend your money. Most importantly, don’t purchase AR because you’re afraid of losing out or hoping for greater short-term profits.

Disclaimer: The material in this article is provided solely for educational purposes and should NOT be construed as financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrency carries extremely high risks, and you should only invest funds that you are willing to lose.


So I’ve given you the most recent information from Arweave and AR Token. Please leave a remark if you’re interested in additional projects outside Arweave. Coin98 will investigate the projects and write articles on them.

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