Farmers World Game Guide: How to Play & Earn

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Farming games have always been popular among casual gamers, who enjoy the relaxing and rewarding experience of growing crops, raising animals, and managing their own virtual farm. However, most farming games are limited by the centralized platforms they run on, which often restrict the players’ ownership and control over their in-game assets and achievements. Moreover, most farming games do not offer any real economic incentives for the players, who spend time and money on the game without getting any tangible returns. This is where Farmers World comes in. Farmers World is a play-to-earn farming game that runs on the WAX blockchain, a decentralized platform that enables users to create, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles and NFTs. Farmers World combines the fun and engaging gameplay of traditional farming games with the innovative and lucrative features of blockchain gaming, such as true digital ownership, peer-to-peer trading, and earning opportunities.

What is Farmers World?

Farmers World

Farmers World is a browser-based game that can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. To start playing, users need to create a WAX cloud wallet, which is a free and easy way to store and manage their WAX tokens and NFTs. Users also need to have some WAX tokens in their wallet, which can be purchased from various exchanges or earned by playing other games on the WAX blockchain.

Once users have their wallets ready, they can enter the game and start building their farms. The game offers various tools and items that can be used to perform different farming activities, such as planting seeds, harvesting crops, feeding animals, producing goods, and more. Each tool and item is an NFT that has its own unique attributes and rarity. Users can buy these NFTs from the game’s official collection on the WAX marketplace or from other players.

The game also features different types of land that can be bought and sold as NFTs. Each land has its own size, location, and environment that affect the productivity and profitability of the farm. Users can customize their land with various decorations and buildings that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their farm.

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The game has a dynamic economy that is driven by supply and demand. Users can sell their crops, goods, animals, tools, items, and land to other players or to the game’s smart contract for WAX tokens. Users can also buy these assets from other players or from the game’s smart contract for WAX tokens. The prices of these assets are determined by the market forces of the game’s community.

The game also has a social aspect that allows users to interact with other farmers, join clans, chat with friends, visit other farms, send gifts, trade assets, and more. The game has a vibrant online community with over 150,000 players and over 80,000 discord members.

How to Play Farmers World?

To start playing Farmers World crypto, follow these basic steps:

Farmers World
  1. Learn about the game: Understand how mining works and how to use the resources you mine.
  2. Create a WAX Cloud Wallet account.
  3. Deposit WAX: There are different ways to fund your Wax Wallet, such as using a credit card or buying from exchanges like Binance. Follow the instructions on the website to deposit WAX into your wallet.
  4. Access Farmers World: Visit the Farmers World website ( and follow the instructions to sync your wallet.
  5. Buy tools: Go to the Farmers World Collection and purchase the tools you need, like an Axe and a fishing rod.
  6. Start playing: With your tools ready, you can now begin playing the Farmers World crypto game.

How to Earn from Farmers World

Farmers World is not only a fun and relaxing game but also a profitable one. Users can earn WAX tokens by playing the game and participating in its economy. There are several ways to earn from Farmers World:

Ways to Earn on Farmers WorldHow?
FarmingUsers can earn WAX tokens by growing crops and producing goods on their farm, then selling them to other players or to the game’s smart contract.
TradingUsers can earn WAX tokens by buying and selling NFTs on the WAX marketplace or directly with other players. They can profit from price differences or speculate on NFT price movements.
StakingUsers can earn WAX tokens by staking their NFTs in the game’s smart contract. Staking allows users to earn passive income from the fees generated by the game’s economy.
MiningUsers can earn WAX tokens by mining gold from their farm using special tools. The gold can be exchanged for WAX tokens at a fixed rate.
ReferringUsers can earn WAX tokens by inviting new players to join the game through their referral link. They can earn a percentage of the revenue generated by their referrals.
CompetingUsers can earn WAX tokens by participating in game competitions and events organized by the developers or community. These events can test various skills like farming, creativity, and strategy, offering opportunities to earn tokens.

Farmers World Crypto Game Features

Farmers World

Farmers World has many exciting features, including:

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Mining: Mining means growing gold and special items in the game using different tools. To start mining in Farmers World, you need to buy virtual land and build your farm on it. Some tools lose energy during mining, but you can replenish energy by using gold and wood to create and repair tools. There is also a countdown time that shows how long you have to wait before you can continue mining. You can’t change or remove items during the countdown.

Breeding: In Farmers World, farmers can breed animals to produce food. You can store this food to have enough energy for battles with jungle monsters. Mature cows can also have babies by breeding with other cows.

Building: You can construct farms of different sizes in the game. Building cow stables and chicken coops will expand your farm. Solid cages can protect your animals from jungle monster attacks and help them grow quickly and healthily.

Cultivation: Cultivation and farming were added to Farmers World in late 2021. You need to harvest crops to take care of your animals. Plant seeds and harvest food crops on farm plots. You can also exchange fruits with other players and receive valuable rewards for successfully harvesting all the required fruits.

Wild Animals: There are wild animals called jungle monsters in the game. They appear on land and can destroy trees, and animals, and disrupt the ecosystem. You can use your pets to fight them and earn rewards.

Tools: There are different tools available in the game. Some tools help you raise animals and cultivate food, while others allow you to earn in-game tokens. For example, chainsaws, saws, and axes are used to get wood, fishing rods, boats, and nets are used to get food, and a mining excavator is used to get gold. Each tool has a durability index that decreases as you use it. You need gold to repair a tool with a durability index of zero. After successful mining, there is a one-hour cooldown period before you can use the tool again. You can obtain these tools by purchasing them on AtomicHub or by crafting them in the game.

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Farmers World Tokens 

In Farmers World, there are three different crypto tokens: Wood, Food, and Gold. These tokens are used for the main resources in the game. 

Farmers World Tokens 

Here’s how it works:

  • Mining: You use the available tools and energy to mine resources in the game. This helps you collect Wood, Food, and Gold.
  • Resource Management: You use the resources you’ve collected to replenish your energy and repair your tools. This ensures that you can keep mining without any interruptions.
  • Upgrading Tools: You can use the mined resources to buy better tools, which will help you collect even more resources in the game.
  • Rewards and Energy: As you continue mining and using the resources, you earn rewards and gain more energy to keep playing.

This cycle of mining, managing resources, upgrading tools, and earning rewards keeps repeating in the game.

The crypto tokens in Farmers World are represented as FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold). You need these tokens to access and use the in-game resources. For example:

  • FWW Token: You need the FWW token to use the Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw tools in the game.
  • FWF Token: You need the FWF token to use the Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat tools in the game.
  • FWG Token: You need the FWG token to use the underground mining excavator tool in the game.

Players have the option to purchase these tokens from other players or decentralized marketplaces like Alcor.

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In conclusion, Farmers World offers a unique and rewarding gaming experience for players who enjoy farming games. With its decentralized platform and play-to-earn model, Farmers World allows players to truly own and control their in-game assets while providing opportunities to earn real economic incentives. Whether you’re growing crops, raising animals, mining resources, or trading NFTs, there are various ways to earn WAX tokens and participate in the dynamic economy of the game. With its engaging gameplay, social features, and vibrant online community, Farmers World is an exciting choice for gamers looking for both entertainment and potential profits. So grab your tools, start building your farm, and join the thriving world of Farmers World today!

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