Refutes Data Leak Claim, Says Data Was Scraped from Public API

by Aug 22, 2023CryptoNews0 comments, the decentralized social media platform that has gone viral in recent weeks, has dismissed a report that claimed that its API exposed the personal data of its users. The report, originally published by The Block and later amended, suggested that the data posted by Banteg, a developer for Yearn Finance, was a result of a data breach. However, the Friend. tech team clarified that the data was simply scraped from its public API, which shows the association between public wallet addresses and public Twitter usernames. “It’s like saying someone hacked you by looking at your public Twitter feed,” the official account tweeted. Friend. tech denies report that database of over 100K users was ‘leaked ’

The post also received comments from X’s (formerly known as Twitter) Community Notes contributors, who explained that the data was publicly available on the blockchain and anyone could access it by using a block explorer. “The database only scraps that public info,” one of them wrote.

Banteg had shared a repository of the scraped data on GitHub, which contained the details of over 101,000 users on the platform. “101,183 people have given access to post as them, leaked db (database) indicates,” Banteg wrote. Banteg also criticized the inaccurate interpretation of their initial post.

Meanwhile, X users also made jokes about the situation, with one user Satsdart posting a link to the Ethereum block explorer, sarcastically claiming that he had found “a leaked database showing ALL transactions on eth.”

The release of the data came after a post from blockchain analytics service Spot On Chain, which found that’s API revealed some information that was not easily visible to regular users of the app.

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