How to Create and Set Up Martian Aptos Wallet

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The most well-known cryptocurrency wallet for the Aptos blockchain is Martian Aptos Wallet. Aptos tokens can be sent and received. The newly created NFTs are also visible in the Wallet, which is an innovation.

You may access and interact with dApps safely using the Martian Wallet. Martian Aptos Wallet is a Chrome addon, and the company says the iOS version will be released shortly.

Additionally, Wallet now exclusively supports Devnet. Soon, the Mainnet will be integrated. Press the keyboard shortcut Alt/Option + Shift + X to open the Martian Wallet plugin rapidly.

Mo Shaikh, Aptos Labs, and Toy Ventures are the sponsors of the Martian Wallet.

Introducing Martian Aptos Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet called Martian may control digital assets and utilize decentralized Aptos blockchain apps.
Currently accessible as a Chrome plugin, Martian Wallet will soon be made available as an iOS app.

Martian wallet’s fundamental mechanism is the creation and administration of private keys on the part of its users. Then, you may use these keys to sign transactions and keep money in the Martian wallet.

The Martian wallet plugin injects an apt subject into the javascript environment of each website the user visits in order to communicate with online apps. Through this injected object, a specific web app may then communicate with the Martian wallet and request the user’s consent to execute transactions.

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Current Progress

  • Some of the features that are active right now include the following:
  • Make a wallet (creates a mnemonic secret recovery phrase using the BIP-39 protocol)
  • Bring Wallet (imports wallet from secret recovery phrase)
  • Deposit (Airdrops Aptos Test Coins to wallet address) (Airdrops Aptos Test Coins to wallet address)
  • Send (transfer a certain sum to a predetermined recipient’s address)
  • history of your Wallet (all incoming and outgoing payments to your wallet address)
  • Integration of NFT (displays NFTs in the Wallet)

Roadmap & Timeline

  • Beta versions of Chrome extensions will be accessible on April 18, 2022.
  • Martian Wallet integration in other Aptos dApps developer Gitbook: April 18, 2022
  • Martian wallet adapter open source: April 18, 2022
  • Updated security features for the Chrome extension: April 25, 2022
  • The first week of May 2022 for the iOS app beta

How to Create and Set Up Martian Aptos Wallet?

You must first download the extension in order to use Martian Wallet.

The next step is to open a Martian Wallet account.

Setting a new password and creating a backup of the recovery phrase are both steps in the account setup procedure.

Install Martian Aptos Wallet

You may skip this step if you’ve already installed the Martian Aptos Wallet plugin.

The extension must first be added to Chrome.

Visit the Martian Wallet website and select “Add to Browser” to accomplish this.

The installation ought to have begun by this point.

Click “Create a New Wallet”

A new window will appear after the installation. If not, you may open the wallet extension by pressing Alt/Option + Shift + X.

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Since you are new to the Martian Aptos Wallet, you must now choose “Create a New Wallet.”

Then, select “Continue.”

Set a Password

To access the Martian Wallet on your current device, you must create a strong password as part of the wallet account setup process.

Remember that the password is saved on your device, not on the Martian Aptos Wallet server. Therefore, if you lose your password, the wallet team is unable to find it. However, using the recovery phrase—which we’ll explain in the following step—you may change the password on your own.

Enter a password that is at least eight characters long and contains both a unique character and a number.

Click “Continue.”

Backup the Recovery Phrase

Due to the decentralized nature of Martian Wallet, the recovery phrase by itself will grant you complete access to your Wallet and funds.

Consequently, use proper practices while storing the recovery phrase. Never save anything in a digital format; always keep it in a physical one.

The Wallet then shows your recovery phrase when you’ve entered the password.

It should be noted down on paper and safely stored. You must not divulge your recovery phrase to anybody because it is exclusive to each wallet account user and grants access to your full account.

Click “Continue” once you have taken a backup.
You may now begin using the Martian Aptos Wallet.

Use Martian Aptos Wallet

All Aptos tokens and NFTs can now be sent and received.

Your token balance and account balance is displayed on the dashboard.

It would be best if you hit the “foursquare” symbol in order to see your NFTs that have been earned.

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Tap the “recent transfer history” icon to view the most recent transactions.

Tap on the “Aptos icon” in the left corner of the Wallet to lock your Martian Aptos wallet.


It’s easy to install and create a Martian Wallet account.

The two crucial stages in setting up the Martian Aptos Wallet account are setting the password and saving up the recovery password…

All of your assets are accessible to anyone who has your seed phrase.

So, to avoid losing your seed phrase, constantly save it somewhere and somewhere else. Nobody, not even the creators of Martian Wallet, can access your account if you lose them.

Watch out for the frauds that are prevalent. Nobody from the Martian Wallet team will ever request your recovery phrase.


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