How to Earn SPS in Splinterlands

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Splinterlands, an immersive and rewarding blockchain-based collectible card game, combines strategy, skill, and luck to captivate players. With a vibrant and active community, players engage in fierce competition, card trading, and participation in diverse events and tournaments. Splintershards (SPS) serves as the governance token within Splinterlands, introduced in July 2021. Holding SPS tokens empowers players to shape the game’s future development and ecosystem by voting on proposals and initiatives. Additionally, SPS token holders gain access to various benefits and incentives distributed through the token. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the SPS token, its functionalities, and the different ways to earn SPS tokens in Splinterlands.

What is Splinterlands?


Splinterlands is a popular online collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is a digital trading card game where players collect and trade virtual cards representing various creatures and characters. The game is set in the fantasy world of Splinterlands, where players assemble decks of cards to battle against other players in strategic turn-based combat.

In Splinterlands, players compete in ranked battles, tournaments, and other game modes to earn in-game rewards such as Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which is the game’s native cryptocurrency. DEC can be used to purchase new cards, enhance existing cards, or traded for other cryptocurrencies. The game also incorporates elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) through the integration of the SPS token, a cryptocurrency governance token that enhances player influence over the game.

Splinterlands offers a variety of ways for players to earn rewards, including daily quests, seasonal rewards based on league performance, tournaments, contests, and more. Players can also engage in buying, selling, and renting out cards in the game’s marketplace to generate additional income.

With its blockchain-based infrastructure, Splinterlands ensures transparency, immutability, and true ownership of in-game assets, providing a unique gaming experience for players and opportunities for both competitive gameplay and economic participation.

What is SPS and DEC used for?

Splintershards (SPS) and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) serve as the official currencies within Splinterlands and hold multifaceted utility. 

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Here are some key applications for these currencies in Splinterlands:

  • Card Acquisition: DEC can be employed to procure new cards through the in-game marketplace or to acquire card packs available in the store. As the pricing of cards and certain card packs is denominated in DEC, players need to possess an ample quantity of this currency to facilitate transactions.
  • Trading Flexibility: Both DEC and SPS can be traded on various exchanges that support them, allowing players to convert their in-game earnings into different cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. This flexibility empowers players to monetize their in-game assets.
  • Entry Fees: SPS serves as the entry fee for engaging in various game modes, such as tournaments. Players may be required to invest a specific amount of SPS to participate in tournaments, and the prize pool is frequently distributed in SPS among the triumphant participants.
  • Reward Accumulation: Players amass SPS as rewards for their active participation across diverse game modes, including daily quests, battles, and tournaments. These earned rewards furnish players with the means to acquire additional card packs or engage in staking activities within the game.
  • Staking for Passive Income: Enabling staking functionality, players can lock up their SPS holdings to generate passive income in the form of daily rewards. Accumulating more staked SPS results in expedited compounding rewards. This incentivizes players to retain their SPS assets rather than liquidating them immediately.

How to Engage with Splinterlands

Splinterlands is accessible across both desktop and mobile devices, and while it offers free gameplay, players can utilize cryptocurrencies to acquire in-game assets and cards. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to partake in the Splinterlands experience:


1. Create an Account:

Users initiate their journey by registering an account on the official Splinterlands website. To commence gameplay, players must acquire cards, except for those enjoying the free card allocation provided to all accounts. DEC, the in-game currency, facilitates card acquisition. Alternatively, players can opt to purchase card packs, each containing a minimum of one rare card among five.

2. Purchase a Summoner’s Spellbook:

Navigate to the “Shop” section on the Splinterlands website, where players can procure a Summoner’s Spellbook via their preferred payment method. Possessing a Summoner’s Spellbook not only unlocks the capacity to earn rewards during Splinterlands gameplay but also activates their Hive Wallet, mitigating the need for users to independently create a wallet.

3. Create a Hive Keychain Account:

Upon confirming payment for the Spellbook, users are prompted to select a username, which simultaneously functions as their Hive Wallet address. A Hive account is essential, as Splinterlands operates on the Hive blockchain. Users can streamline transaction signing via the Hive Keychain app (accessible on the App Store and Google Play) or by incorporating a browser extension (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Brave) that enables one-click management of all transaction signatures.

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4. Connect Your Hive Keychain Wallet with Your Splinterlands Account:

The configuration process for linking a Hive Keychain Wallet with a Splinterlands account encompasses the following steps:

  1. Install the Hive Keychain extension within the web browser and activate it by clicking its icon.
  2. Establish a password to secure the keychain, granting access to one-click transaction signatures.
  3. Proceed by selecting the “Add Account” option on the Hive Keychain interface and opt for the “Use Keys/Pwd” function.
  4. Input the master key, conveyed via email upon Spellbook acquisition, and proceed to “import keys.” This operation imports posting, active, and memo keys automatically.
  5. After clicking “save,” the setup process concludes, permitting users to manage their Hive account via the keychain. Further information regarding setup is available in this Splinterlands support article.

5. Build Your Squad:


Users can amass cards either by purchasing them from the marketplace or by earning them through in-game activities and quests. Once a collection of cards is assembled, players can curate their deck by selecting which cards to incorporate. Each card is affiliated with a specific splinter, representing an elemental force behind each summoner or monster card. Generally, each deck is limited to a single splinter, with the exception of a dragon splinter that permits the selection of a secondary splinter for deck construction. Additionally, neutral cards are universally compatible, and it’s incumbent upon the player to create a well-balanced team capable of excelling in battles.

6. Engage in Battles:

Splinterlands presents a diverse array of game modes, including ranked combat, tournaments, and challenges. Employing their deck of cards, users engage in competitive battles against fellow players across these varied modes.

7. Accumulate Rewards:

Progressing through battles and quest completions yields rewards such as SPS, cards, and other in-game assets. These rewards can be used for further card acquisition or traded with other players.

8. Card Enhancements:

Over time, players can enhance the prowess of their cards, rendering them more formidable in battles. Card upgrades entail the consumption of specific quantities of identical cards. As cards advance in level, they gain augmented statistics and capabilities, bolstering their competitiveness within higher-ranked leagues.

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How to Earn SPS in Splinterlands

There are several ways to earn SPS tokens in Splinterlands, including:

1Play and Earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)Engage in battles to earn DEC, the in-game currency of Splinterlands.
2Daily QuestsComplete the Daily Quest by winning ranked battles to acquire Reward cards.
3Seasonal RewardsReceive Reward Cards based on your highest achieved league at the end of each season.
4Thrive in TournamentsParticipate in tournaments and compete against top players for substantial rewards.
5Climb the LeaderboardAim to be in the top 20 of a league to earn DEC.
6Claim FREE SPS AirdropsEarn SPS tokens as you earn DEC and acquire cards.
7Stake Your SPSMaximize your SPS airdrops by staking your SPS tokens.
8Rent Out Your CardsRent out your unused cards and earn DEC from them.
9Trade CardsEngage in buying and selling Splinterlands cards for potential profits.
10Share Your JourneyPost blogs on platforms like PeakD and earn Hive cryptocurrency based on post popularity.
11Win Cards in ContestsEngage in daily contests on PeakD and YouTube to win free cards or card delegations.
12Leverage ReferralsEarn a commission on your referral’s purchases and promote your referral link to earn credits or cash.


Splinterlands is an engaging blockchain-based game that provides multiple avenues for earning SPS tokens, the governance token of the game and ecosystem. By earning SPS tokens, users can influence the future development and direction of Splinterlands while enjoying various benefits and incentives distributed through the token.

If you are interested in playing Splinterlands and earning SPS tokens, visit their website or app to embark on your adventure today!


What benefits do I get from staking SPS tokens?

By staking SPS tokens, you can receive increased rewards from playing the game, access exclusive content and offers, enjoy reduced fees on the marketplace, and increase your voting power for governance purposes.

How can I earn gameplay rewards?

Gameplay rewards are earned by playing the game and are distributed daily from a pool of SPS tokens. The rewards are influenced by factors such as your rating and league, completed quests, tournament participation, achievements, and referrals.

Can staking SPS tokens increase my gameplay rewards?

Yes, staking more SPS tokens can increase your gameplay rewards by up to 10x.

Where can I trade SPS tokens?

You can trade SPS tokens on various marketplaces, such as Monster Market, Peakmonsters, Hive Engine, and Binance.

What can I use SPS tokens for in Splinterlands?

SPS tokens can be used as an in-game currency to purchase or upgrade cards, items, lands, and participate in special events or promotions that require SPS tokens as an entry fee or qualification criterion.

How can I unstake my SPS tokens?

You can unstake your SPS tokens at any time without penalty. Simply use the Splinterlands website or app to initiate the unstaking process.

How can I get started with Splinterlands and earning SPS tokens?

To get started, visit the Splinterlands website or app, create an account, explore the game’s features, and follow the guidelines provided to participate in the airdrop, stake tokens, play the game, and trade on marketplaces to earn SPS tokens.

Please note that the answers provided here are based on the information available in the article and may be subject to change. It’s always recommended to refer to the official Splinterlands resources for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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