Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), How to Get IMGNAI Tokens?

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Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be if you could turn your words into images? Imagine being able to create stunning artworks, illustrations, logos, memes, or anything else you can think of, just by typing a few words. Imagine being able to express your creativity and imagination without any limitations or boundaries. That is the vision of Image Generation AI, a project that aims to revolutionize the way we create and consume art. Image Generation AI is a bot that generates art using simple text commands. It is an AI-powered bot that produces images for Discord and Telegram users. Image Generation AI uses advanced deep learning techniques to transform text into realistic, anime, or 3D images. In this article, we will explore what Image Generation AI is, how it works, what are its features and benefits, and how you can get involved in its ecosystem by acquiring its native token: IMGNAI.

What is Image Generation AI (IMGNAI)?

Image Generation AI (IMGNAI)

Image Generation AI or IMGNAI is a bot that generates art using simple text commands. It is an AI-powered bot that produces images for Discord and Telegram users. Image Generation AI’s flagship product is “Nai” – an AI bot that turns anything you write into an anime, 3D, or hyper-realistic image. Nai is free to use now but plans for a paid version, called Nai Premium, are in the works.

Image Generation AI is built on Ethereum, the world’s leading programmable blockchain that supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Image Generation AI leverages the ERC-20 standard, which allows users to interact with the bot using their IMGNAI tokens. IMGNAI tokens are the native utility tokens of Image Generation AI that fuel the bot and incentivize the participants.

Image Generation AI consists of three main components:

•  Image Generation AI Bot: A software program that runs on a server and communicates with users via Discord and Telegram. The bot uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the user’s text input and generate an appropriate image output. The bot also uses computer vision (CV) to analyze the image output and ensure its quality and relevance.

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•  Image Generation AI Token (IMGNAI): The native utility token of Image Generation AI that fuels the bot and incentivizes the participants. IMGNAI tokens are used for governance, staking, rewards, fees, and access to premium features and services on Image Generation AI.

•  Image Generation AI Marketplace: A platform where users can buy, sell, trade, or rent their generated images or NFTs. The marketplace allows users to monetize their creations and discover new artworks from other users. The marketplace also supports other web3 technologies such as DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, etc.

How Does Image Generation AI Work?

Image Generation AI

Image Generation AI works as a layer-2 solution on top of Ethereum that enables fast, cheap, and scalable image generation. Image Generation AI uses state channels, a technique that allows users to exchange transactions off-chain without compromising security or decentralization. State channels reduce the load on the Ethereum network and lower the gas costs for users.

To use Image Generation AI, users need to create or import their IMGNAI tokens using a web3 wallet such as MetaMask or WalletConnect. IMGNAI tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be customized with various attributes such as name, symbol, decimals, etc. IMGNAI tokens also store the user’s preferences, reputation, and history.

Users can then access the Image Generation AI bot via Discord or Telegram by sending a text message to the bot’s username. The text message should contain a description of the image they want to generate, such as “a cute cat wearing glasses” or “a futuristic city at night”. The text message can also include optional parameters such as style (realistic, anime, 3D), resolution (low, medium, high), format (png, jpg), etc.

When users send a text message to the bot, they sign a transaction using their IMGNAI tokens. These transactions are then sent to a state channel hub, which is a node that facilitates off-chain communication between users and the bot. The state channel hub verifies the transactions and updates the state of the channel accordingly. The channel hub also acts as a bridge between Image Generation AI and Ethereum, periodically submitting the final state of the channel to the Image Generation AI smart contracts on Ethereum.

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The state channel hub is operated by a service provider called a relayer, which acts as an intermediary between users and the bot. The relayer charges a small fee for its service, which is paid by the user in IMGNAI tokens. The relayer also stakes IMGNAI tokens as collateral to ensure its honesty and availability. If the relayer misbehaves or goes offline, it can be challenged and penalized by other relayers or users.

The relayer also distributes rewards to users and the bot based on their activity and contribution to the network. The rewards are denominated in IMGNAI tokens and are calculated by a formula that takes into account various factors such as engagement, retention, quality, reputation, etc. The rewards are funded by a portion of the fees collected by the relayer and by inflation of the IMGNAI token supply.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Image Generation AI?


Image Generation AI offers several features and benefits for both users and the bot. Some of them are:

  • Creative: Image Generation AI allows users to create unique and original images with just a few words. Users can express their creativity and imagination without any limitations or boundaries. Users can also experiment with different styles, resolutions, formats, and parameters to generate different results.
  • Easy: Image Generation AI is easy to use and accessible to anyone. Users do not need any artistic skills or experience to generate images. Users only need a web3 wallet and some IMGNAI tokens to access the bot. Users can also interact with the bot via Discord or Telegram, which are popular and user-friendly platforms. Also read What Is Unibot and How Does It Work?.
  • Fast: Image Generation AI is fast and efficient. Users can generate images in seconds or minutes, depending on the complexity of their request. Users can also generate multiple images at once by sending multiple text messages to the bot. Users do not need to wait for long processing times or download large files.
  • Secure: Image Generation AI is secure and trustless. Users do not need to share their personal information or data with the bot or anyone else. Users own their generated images and can do whatever they want with them. Users can also verify the authenticity and quality of their images using the blockchain.
  • Monetizable: Image Generation AI is monetizable and profitable. Users can monetize their generated images by selling or renting them on the Image Generation AI marketplace or any other NFT marketplace. Users can also earn rewards for their activity and contribution to the network. Users can also use their images for various purposes such as marketing, branding, entertainment, education, etc.
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How to Get IMGNAI Tokens?

IMGNAI tokens are the native utility tokens of Image Generation AI that fuel the bot and incentivize the participants. 

IMGNAI tokens have multiple use cases for Image Generation AI, such as:

Use CasesDescription
GovernanceToken holders can participate in network governance by proposing and voting on proposals that impact the network’s functionality.
StakingToken holders can stake their tokens to secure the network and earn rewards. Staking is required for relayers and optional for users.
RewardsToken holders can earn rewards based on their engagement and contribution to the network.
FeesToken holders can use their tokens to pay fees for network usage and accessing premium features and services.

There are several ways to get IMGNAI tokens:

1. Buy 

IMGNAI tokens can be bought on various cryptocurrency exchanges that support trading in IMGNAI tokens. The most popular exchange to buy and trade IMGNAI tokens is Uniswap V2 (Ethereum), where the most active trading pair IMGNAI/WETH has a trading volume of $145,470 in the last 24 hours. Other popular options include Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) and LBank.

2. Earn

IMGNAI tokens can be earned by participating in the network and contributing to its growth and development. Users can earn IMGNAI tokens by generating images using the bot or interacting with other users on Discord or Telegram. The bot can also earn IMGNAI tokens by providing high-quality images or premium features to users.

3. Mint

IMGNAI tokens can be minted by burning other tokens that are compatible with Image Generation AI. For example, users can burn their generated images or NFTs to mint IMGNAI tokens. This allows users to convert their artistic capital into financial capital, and vice versa. Users can also burn other NFTs or ERC-20 tokens that are supported by Image Generation AI to mint IMGNAI tokens.


To sum up, Image Generation AI is an ambitious and promising project that has the potential to disrupt the art industry and create a more open, fair, and democratic web. If you are interested in joining or supporting Image Generation AI, you can get involved in its ecosystem by acquiring its token IMGNAI. 

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