In 2023, MicroStrategy will provide Bitcoin Lightning solutions.

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MicroStrategy’s Lightning Network products include Satoshi-powered marketing incentives and website security. Michael Saylor, executive chairman of MicroStrategy, has revealed his company’s ambitions to deploy Bitcoin Lightning Network-powered software and solutions in 2023.

Saylor recently disclosed on Twitter Spaces on December 28 that the firm is looking into software and solutions that use the Lightning Network, such as solutions that “assist” enterprise marketing and a cybersecurity solution geared at corporate websites.

The Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment system built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables off-chain transactions, increasing payment throughput and decreasing transaction costs.

The business intelligence and technology firm, known for its enormous Bitcoin holdings, has been aiming to beef up its Lightning Network-versed staff, most recently advertising a search for a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer to construct a Lightning Network-based software-as-a-service platform.

Saylor said during the Twitter Spaces that chief marketing officers may possibly utilize the Lightning Network to motivate consumers by giving away Satoshi prizes by partaking in activities such as writing favorable reviews or completing surveys.

In addition, the business hopes to make it feasible for any enterprise to “spin up” Lightning infrastructure in an “afternoon,” he stated.

The MicroStrategy chairman mentioned his “Lightning wall” cybersecurity concept once more, which is effectively a Bitcoin-based barrier that would protect websites from cybersecurity threats by asking users to deposit Satoshi.

Saylor said that customers wishing to access sensitive business websites must invest “100,000 Satoshi” to “ensure” safe passage, which is reimbursed promptly after the user has completed their visit.

This is something that credit cards cannot provide owing to the time delays involved in receiving payments, as stated:

“The problem with credit cards is that you couldn’t reasonably post $20 to 100 websites each day and then you get the $20 back in one second, could you?

Saylor believes it’s only a matter of time until someone produces a Lightning version of the “Netscape browser,” which will include “something like” a Lightning wallet that stores dollars and other cryptocurrencies.

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He believes that if this wallet is built in a non-custodial manner, it may reach 100 million individuals.

During the Twitter conversation, Saylor referred to the Lightning Network as the “internet of money” and lauded its “inspiring” growth.

He stated that the corporation has teams working on it and plans to release something “next year,” but that it is more likely to demonstrate anything in the first quarter.

Michael Saylor responded against Eric Wall in October when Wall suggested that Saylor had only done three lightning deals in his entire.

The Lightning Address, a new sort of BTC address, was just created, allowing users to make Lightning Network transactions very immediately, as opposed to the 10-minute average for ordinary Bitcoin transactions.

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