Is it Worth Buying Star Atlas NFTs?

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On the Solana blockchain, there is a play-to-earn metaverse game called Star Atlas that is set in the year 2620. It’s still in the beginning phases of development.

Nanite, a real-time graphics component of Unreal Engine 5, is used in Star Atlas to provide video game images of a cinematic caliber. The game is intended to be a cutting-edge, space-fantasy role-playing game (RPG) with a real-money economy and NFT assets when it is completely published. In a large-scale, round-the-clock virtual environment, the game strategy will involve politics, trading routes, and many other things.

In its biggest conception, Star Atlas will be a VR-enabled, completely immersive 3D universe with picture-perfect visuals. These are only the most ambitious plans for a multi-year project to create a AAA blockchain multiplayer video game. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait a long time to experience the game and gain prizes.

Star Atlas Blockchain Minigame and ATLAS Token

In order to provide gamers a way to make money while they wait for the AAA game to be published, Star Atlas is creating a minigame that will be co-developed with it. SCORE, which stands for Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions, is the name of the blockchain minigame.

On December 16, 2021, the first SCORE tier (Tier-0) was made available. Players must first choose a faction from the human race’s MUD region, the alien race’s ONI region, or the sentient android-controlled Ustur sector in order to play SCORE. Then, the players can go to the market to buy a ship and the materials required to successfully “stake” the ship.

The platform’s own in-game money, $ATLAS, will be made available for the first time with the release of Tier-0. The staking of the ships might result in the earning of $ATLAS. It’s also important to remember that $ATLAS is inflationary because its growth will correspond to that of the in-game economy as a whole. To ensure that the amount of $ATLAS you receive in $USDC remains constant throughout SCORE’s lifespan. The Star Atlas team has said that adjustments to the staking rewards will be made if the price of $ATLAS significantly changes in terms of its worth in $USDC (either up or down). The yield staker’s earning rate on their ships should be relatively protected and consistent as a result.

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What Is POLIS Token?

The governance token $POLIS is a further component of the Star Atlas ecosystem. $POLIS denotes investment in the game, voting privileges in the DAOs where it is staked, and a portion of the team’s financial control. In contrast to $ATLAS, $POLIS has a set supply. On FTX, you may purchase $POLIS and $ATLAS. By exchanging them on Raydium, players may use their $ATLAS staking earnings to purchase $POLIS.

StarAtlas.Exchange is the best site to view the $POLIS and $ATLAS charts.

Invest in Star Atlas

Go to the marketplace and begin examining the ships after selecting a faction. Once you’ve chosen the ship you want to purchase, follow these steps to make the transaction:

If needed, download a Phantom or Solflare wallet for Solana browser extensions. Phantom is advised by Star Atlas, but both will work.

Next, as these are the only two cryptocurrencies that can be used to buy spacecraft on Star Atlas, make sure you have enough of either $USDC or $ATLAS in your wallet to complete the purchase. You can exchange your $SOL to either of them on Raydium if you don’t already have $USDC or $ATLAS in your Solana wallet. (IMPORTANT: It is not possible to transfer USDC from your Solana wallet to your Coinbase wallet. On the Ethereum network, Coinbase exclusively supports the USDC currency.

You can click “TRADE” on the ship you wish to purchase after you have enough USDC or ATLAS in your wallet.

This will open a page containing all the necessary details on the ship. Choose whether you want to purchase in $USDC or $ATLAS by clicking the buy tab on the right side of your screen.

You have two choices after choosing the token you’ll use to make the purchase:

  • Put in a bid order below the lowest ask being made right now.
  • Choose the lowest mentioned “ASK SIZE” instead.

After some processing time, the approve transaction box should appear so that you may confirm the transaction.

Again, give the transaction time to complete before checking your ship’s inventory to see whether the ship has been received.

You still need to provide your approval for one more transaction. Click “CLAIM” and authorize one more transaction in the pop-up window after you see the ship in your inventory.

That’s it! Your ship has been bought. To find out how to stake it for more ATLAS, continue reading.

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Here are some issues that players frequently experience:

  • You can log out of your wallet’s connection to Star Atlas by refreshing the page. The wallet will only need to be reconnected via the browser extension.
  • After purchase, the ship is not in your inventory. As it might take up to a minute to process, give it additional time.

How to Select a Star Atlas Ship for Purchase

The simplest approach to grasping the SCORE TIER-0 game’s economics is to choose which ships to purchase according to your financial constraints. You may choose from a number of excellent resources to guide your choice.

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

The first concept to understand is VWAP. Volume Weighted Average Price is referred to as VWAP. This is the average selling price that the Star Atlas developers charged for the whole supply of a particular spacecraft at that time. The entire amount the developers would make if they sold all of their stock (in $USDC) by the total quantity of that stock may be used to compute the VWAP of a particular ship. From this point, you may calculate the size of the discount or premium you are paying for a particular ship in relation to the current median retail sale price.

All of this does not need to be calculated by you! Numerous websites, such as Aephia, will list the ships with the lowest premiums. Aephia will provide the current best ask price in USDC and ATLAS along with the premium or discount between the ask and VWAP. You are receiving a better deal compared to the average retail prices they were sold at the lower premium or greater discount %. This should not be the only consideration when choosing the ship you wish to purchase. But it should be the first.

APR Percentage and Resupply Period

The next two factors you should take into account are the APR percentage and the replenishment period. The APR % is straightforward. It is the annual percentage yield that staking a particular ship will produce in $ATLAS. Once more, you won’t need to do the math on your own. Give the Atlas Explorer a try. The ship is better for staking the greater the APR %.

The amount of time it will take for a ship’s supplies to run out is known as the replenishment period. This only matters to your choice of a particular ship when it comes to how frequently you want to be bothered restocking your ship.

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Other Things to Consider

When choosing a spacecraft, you need also to take into account its rarity, supply, size, type, and crew composition, as well as its modules and components. All of these factors are not taken into account in the current version of SCORE, but they most likely will be when the AAA game is released and SCORE develops further. You can make assumptions about what will be significant to and desired by players in the future. Once again, the greatest source to examine all of these characteristics is Aephia.

Last but not least, choosing your ships will also depend on your own aesthetic preferences and the sort of player you hope to be in later editions of the game.

Star Atlas Gameplay

As the commander of a starship with a crew, players in Star Atlas can travel through space and find various resources. Staked claims can be mined, processed, and exchanged through a network of industrial refineries and the Universal Marketplace after they have been found. The creators assert that exploration should uncover a great deal more surprises in the expanse of space. The player mostly controls the spacecraft from the outside in this “exploration” mode. But he may also go inside to see the crew at work or take first-person control of the craft from the cockpit or bridge view.

Star Atlas blends several genres in its gameplay. It is a strategy game, to be sure. Players must devise strategies and techniques for interacting with one another. The aforementioned exploration component of Star Atlas allows players to explore other worlds. As you visit these planets from a first-person viewpoint, this transforms Star Atlas into a flying simulator. Role-playing components must also be incorporated.

Conclusion: What Makes Star Atlas Unique?

One of the most intriguing plays in the metaverse cryptocurrency category is unquestionably Star Atlas. By fusing the excellence of triple-A games like Red Dead Redemption with cutting-edge contemporary blockchain gaming concepts. Star Atlas aspires to advance blockchain gaming. On the lightning-quick Solana blockchain, which has a tremendously high throughput, Star Atlas is also built. Real-time monitoring of gameplay interactions between objects is made possible by this functionality. Additionally, it does away with the requirement for a conventional server backbone for online multiplayer games.

Earning virtual assets and trading them for real-world money is a crucial feature of Star Atlas. Star Atlas offers more gaming choices than any other blockchain game to date.

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