Launch of an advanced NFT marketplace aggregator by OpenSea Pro

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The acquisition of NFT aggregator Gem by OpenSea in April 2022 led to the release of OpenSea Pro. OpenSea has developed OpenSeaPro, its new NFT marketplace aggregator. To produce the new NFT marketplace, OpenSea enhanced and improved Gem’s technology after purchasing NFT aggregator Gem in April 2022.

The statement claims that OpenSea Pro aims to provide professional collectors with a new degree of optionality, selection, and control. The platform intends to provide several enhanced features that will enable collectors to find the finest offers and insights across 170 marketplaces and access cutting-edge solutions that satisfy their requirement for automation.

Moreover, OpenSea Pro has unveiled a new “advanced orders” tool that gives customers more control over their purchases by enabling them to “sweep across the deepest liquidity of any NFT marketplace aggregator.” Users of OpenSea may explore, sweep, and list from their phones because it is mobile-optimized and mobile-compatible.

According to the company, users may list on OpenSea for free through OpenSea Pro during a special time. The Gem team is offering a special “thank you” in the formation of a Gemesis NFT drop to coincide with the release of OpenSeaPro to show appreciation to Gem’s early adopters. Up to May 4, eligible users who bought an NFT on Gem before March 31 can obtain a complimentary Gemesis NFT.

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To enhance the experience of its more seasoned “pro” users, OpenSea purchased Gem in 2022 for an unknown sum. Gem reduced gas costs by allowing traders to buy NFTs from many markets and collectors in a single transaction.

OpenSea implemented a plan in February to regain the NFT users it had lost to competitor NFT marketplace Blur. When customers looked for a trading platform that supported their NFT investments, Blur eclipsed OpenSea in terms of daily Ether trading volume. OpenSea developed a 0% cost policy to combat this and entice customers to its platform.

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