Mysterious Bitcoin miner displays the earliest signature, dated January 2009.

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In response to the topic, “Who has/had the oldest mined Bitcoin?” An anonymous individual supplied a signature from January 2009, barely a week after Bitcoin was created.

Online forums are important to the Bitcoin creation narrative, as Satoshi Nakamoto and early contributors discussed and built a revolutionary financial system from the ground up., one of the earliest Bitcoin forums, still keeps historical conversations about the creation of the Bitcoin logo and payment mechanism.

An interested user of the forum recently attempted to identify early Bitcoin miners. To their amazement, an anonymous person revealed a signature from January 2009, barely a week after Bitcoin was created.

“Perhaps the OP is inviting Satoshi?” speculated another user after establishing the authenticity of “the earliest signature” discovered so far. To add to the intrigue, the signature was uploaded on Nov. 26, 2022, by a freshly established account using the alias OneSignature.

OneSignature’s account history indicates no additional engagement on the forum, proving that it was created just to display the oldest signed message. Digging deeper with the username reveals a password-protected Twitter account formed in October 2009.

Despite decade-long regulatory challenges and extended downturn markets, Bitcoin has always come out on top. However, declining Bitcoin prices have put further strain on the mining environment.

BTC mining revenue in US dollars is currently at two-year lows, down to $11.67 million, a figure last seen on November 2, 2020.

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