Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal: Gaming is the ‘biggest opportunity’ for crypto mass adoption

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Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, a platform that scales Ethereum, is optimistic about the future of Web3 gaming and its potential to bring more users into the crypto space. In a recent Reddit AMA, Nailwal answered questions from the r/India community and shared his views on various topics related to blockchain and gaming.

Nailwal said that gaming is the “largest-scale opportunity” for crypto because it can offer fun and engaging experiences that appeal to a wide audience. He also said that gaming could create a new economic phenomenon where players can earn tokens and NFTs by playing and then use them for other purposes.

He cited Axie Infinity as an example of a successful blockchain game that has attracted millions of players and generated billions of dollars in revenue. He also mentioned Gods Unchained, a collectible card game that runs on Ethereum and allows players to own and trade their cards as NFTs.

Sandeep Nailwal said that Polygon is working with many gaming projects to help them scale and reduce costs on Ethereum. He said that Polygon is a layer-two solution and a “layer-zero” platform that connects different blockchains and enables interoperability. He said Polygon aims to be the “internet of blockchains” and support various use cases beyond gaming.

He also revealed that Polygon is developing its gaming studio called Polygon Studios, which will create original games and also invest in and support other gaming projects. He said that Polygon Studios would focus on creating “play-to-earn” games to empower players and create new economic opportunities.

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Nailwal also expressed his support for the Indian crypto community and said he hopes to see more innovation and adoption from India. He said that India has a lot of talent and potential in the blockchain space and that Polygon is committed to helping Indian developers and entrepreneurs succeed.


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