Secret Service explains its NFT collection and its interest in crypto

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The U.S. Secret Service has revealed more details about its nonfungible token (NFT) collection that was first spotted on OpenSea. The collection consists of 11 NFTs, each one representing a different agent from the San Francisco Field Office’s Digital Asset Technology Alliance (DATA) Squad

The DATA Squad is a specialized unit that investigates crypto-related crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The agents said they created the NFTs as a way to learn more about how NFTs work and to show their involvement and dedication to the crypto ecosystem .The NFTs feature various landmarks and locations in Northern California, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Silicon Valley. Each agent chose their own background based on their personality or interests

The agents said they have no intention of selling the NFTs, even though some of them have received offers on OpenSea. They also said they are crypto enthusiasts and holders in their personal capacity 

The Secret Service’s NFT collection is not only a creative outlet, but also a serious symbol of their expertise and engagement in the crypto space. The agents praised blockchain technology as an amazing tool to track and prevent financial crime. They also said that crypto transactions are more transparent and traceable than cash transactions 

The Secret Service’s NFT collection was first revealed during a Reddit AMA on May 16, where the agents answered questions from members of the r/cryptocurrency subreddit about their role and experience in the crypto world 

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