Should you invest in Safesun coin?

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A BEP20-compliant cryptocurrency called Safesun coin was previously offered on Bitmart, PancakeSwap, and now SunSwap, SafeSun’s DEX exchange.

PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and the other swaps now available on the market are alternatives to SunSwap, a unique, proprietary swap DEX. Even in its beta version, SunSwap is similar to other well-known swap DEXes in the cryptocurrency market regarding costs, user experience, and transaction speed.

What is the purpose of the Safesun coin?

The road map makes it clear that the ultimate objective is to eventually develop NFT and AI-based projects to raise awareness and lower carbon emissions along with fully supporting their release of SunSwap. Still, at the moment, the development team’s goal is to fully develop SunSwap and release it to the general public promptly.

It is now under complete beta testing to fix any faults found and enhance the user experience. The team’s other top priority is to keep getting the SafeSun coin listed on as many significant exchanges as feasible and continue building SunSwap.

Bitmart and PancakeSwap were only the beginning; the team is already discussing several meaningful exchanges concerning SafeSun’s upcoming listing.

What Does It Mean to the Users?

1. Completely Community Driven

The community entirely directs the Safesun coin initiative. You have the right to vote and to be elected. There is an AMA in the community that will address all of your questions, and it is fair. Before the project launched, the whole development team gave up their wallets, and the SafeSun community has given the initiative its complete support.

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2. Hold And Earn Safesun coin

By keeping the coins in your wallet, you may earn SafeSun thanks to tokenomics. Every transaction is subject to a 4% tax. Token holders receive 2% of the network’s total transaction fees. The reserved liquidity pool gets the remaining 2%.

3. Secure and Unchangeable

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, SafeSun is a BEP-20-compatible coin. It is secure and unchangeable as a result. The team had a fair start and had locked away liquidity for three years.

4. Investment Initiatives

You may benefit from plans for such projects by investing early today, according to the SafeSun team. Two NFTs currently in development are significant projects in addition to SunSwap, which is already in beta.

When SunSwap is built and operational, it will represent the decentralized exchange swap of the future. Being an early investment today gives you a competitive edge that others will only have for a few months.

Purchase SafeSun

Purchasing Safesun coin is an easy and uncomplicated approach. There are three options: Bitmart, PancakeSwap, or SunSwap. The simplest, by far is SunSwap. Link your wallet at and exchange BNB innovative chain for SafeSun.

Check out for PancakeSwap. To swap BNB for SafeSun, attach your trust wallet to pancake, utilize V1, copy our contract address from our website directly or from a BSC scan, and enter it in the pancakeswap “From” field.

The alternative offered by Bitmart is also relatively straightforward; all that is needed to trade SafeSun freely is for you to have bitcoin or USDT in Bitmart already.

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Concerning SafeSun Protocol

A blockchain-based startup called SafeSun aims to end CO2 emissions and create a superior DEX swap alternative to what is now on the market. Transparency and trust are the foundations of the project.

The team and its investors communicate through telegram every week, and on May 12, 2021, they will launch their first Twitch live video AMA stream. Safesun coin is dedicated to being a functional component of the blockchain and has a program to reward holders as well as ongoing and upcoming advancements with practical applications.

To accomplish this goal, the SafeSun team intends to list a variety of exchanges. The Safesun coin team has expertise in blockchain, Fintech, and crypto dynamics.


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