South Korea to Implement New Rules Requiring Companies to Disclose Crypto Holdings

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Content: The Financial Services Commission (FSC) of South Korea has announced new regulations that will mandate companies to disclose their cryptocurrency holdings in their financial statements starting in 2024. These guidelines aim to enhance transparency and improve accounting practices within the crypto industry, following the recent passing of the Virtual Asset User Protection Act in June.

Under the new rules, companies will be required to disclose various details regarding their crypto assets, including the quantity, characteristics, business models, and accounting policies related to the sale of virtual currencies. This information will enable investors and stakeholders to make more informed decisions and compare companies effectively. Additionally, companies holding crypto assets for investment purposes will need to disclose information about the classification, book value, and market value of their holdings. 

Previously, there were discrepancies in accounting interpretations and criteria for recognizing profits from the sale of virtual assets. However, the new guidelines aim to standardize these practices. According to the FSC, sales of virtual assets will be recognized as profit once companies fulfill their obligations to the cryptocurrency holders. The guidelines also clarify that costs incurred in developing virtual assets and platforms will not be recognized as intangible assets.

The FSC’s draft guidelines have been reviewed and approved by the Korea Accounting Standards Board, with the new regulations set to take effect in January 2024]. South Korean authorities believe that these measures will not only improve transparency in the cryptocurrency market but also protect investors while fostering the growth of the local crypto industry.

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South Korea has a significant presence in the global cryptocurrency market, with Korean investors accounting for a notable portion of cryptocurrency transactions. By enforcing stricter accounting rules, the country aims to address concerns related to cryptocurrency-related crimes and promote a more secure environment for participants in the market.

Overall, South Korea’s new regulations requiring companies to disclose their crypto holdings aim to establish a transparent and accountable ecosystem within the cryptocurrency industry, enhancing investor confidence and ensuring the proper functioning of the market.

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