Sports Fan Tokens to Invest Before The World Cup

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As the 2022 World Cup in Qatar approaches, the sports fan tokens have vanished from the independent market. 90% of the fan tokens were up within 7 days, according to statistics from Coinmarketcap, with an average gain of about 10% and a maximum gain of 92.79%. The World Cup, the greatest sporting event, is also the most anticipated event for sports betting, and the market is likely to see a little increase.

Introduction to Fan Tokens

The Fan Token is the entry ticket for a certain group that organizes community events. Through the use of Fan Token, fans may control the activities of their favorite teams, leagues, or individuals, enabling them to take part in their preferred sports across a variety of sports verticals. Fans who possess Sports Fan Tokens have the opportunity to take part in club decisions, special events, drawings, or other privileges.

A type of utility token called a sports fan token is utilized for commercial transactions between fans and clubs. Consider the fan token of a football club as an illustration; it is essentially a means of evaluating and valuing fan devotion, enabling fans to communicate with their preferred sports teams and other supporters and taking part in fan-driven choices.

Examples of applications

The primary uses of sports fan tokens include voting in fan government elections, winning prizes for connected activities, enjoying some special fan privileges, buying or gaining club NFT, etc. There are not many exchanges on it today due to the low market value of sports fan tokens, although MEXC has listed some of the top clubs’ fan tokens.
Through the use of sports Fan Tokens, clubs must strengthen their relationship and interaction with their supporters. Give fans the opportunity to voice their opinions in public and include them in the club by allowing them to vote on important club decisions like the team’s uniform colors, stadium music, and logos, friendly matches, charity line-ups, entrance songs, and other items since the results of the voting can bind and strengthen the user’s community involvement. A fan’s ability to vote on club choices increases in direct proportion to the number of sports Fan Tokens they own. Additionally, fans can benefit from a higher influence rating, which advances them to higher reward levels.
Consider the Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) as an illustration. We looked at and discovered that the Paris Saint-Germain supporters had been involved in the decision-making process previously. PSG members get access to a variety of supposedly unique experiences, including the ability to watch team games in the VIP section and go behind the scenes with the squad. Additionally, they may receive special discounts for football teams, allowing supporters to participate in polls on the Socios website, earn VIP awards, and benefit from club promotions and augmented reality capabilities. Holders of tokens get access to products, raffle tickets, fitness videos, and more.

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The top sports fan tokens, listed in order of market value, are described in depth below.

1. Portugal National Team(POR)

In order to represent Portugal in FIFA A-level play, the Portuguese Football Federation founded the national men’s football team in 1914. With talents like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias, Danilo Pereira, Gonzalo Guedes, and Joao Felix, Portugal is the reigning European champion. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token POR has a total supply of 20 million and a market value of roughly $5.82 million right now. It has up to 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

2. S.S. Lazio Fan Token(LAZIO)

S.S. Lazio, an Italian football club and member of the Italian Football League, was established in 1900. The S.S. Lazio squad has won several awards during its history, including two Italian Serie A titles, seven Coppa Italia titles, one European Cup Winners Cup title, and many more. One of the most successful football teams in Italy is S.S. Lazio, which has talents like Piola, Ravanelli, Crespo, Nesta, Nedved, and others. With a total quantity of 8.6 million and a market cap of around $27.57 million, LAZIO is a BSC chain-based official club fan token. It has up to 650,000 followers on Twitter.

3. FC Porto Fan Token(PORTO)

Porto football club, which was established in 1893, won the Portuguese Super League in 2021–2022. The second-most Portuguese league titles have been won by Porto Football Club, who have won a total of 29 league championships. Portugal’s greatest football team, Porto, has won two Champions League championships and has talents like Deco, Carvalho, Ferreira, Diego, Fabiano, Quaresma, and more. With a total supply of 7.8 million, a market worth of around $26.33 million, and 1.4 million Twitter followers, PORTO is an official BSC-based club fan token.

4. Santos FC Fan Token(SANTOS)

Santos FC, a team that was established in 1912, has amassed the most victories in the annals of football. It was the first and only side in football history to score more than 10,000 goals on January 20, 1998. Players like Billy, Neymar, Rodrigo, and Carlos Alberto are extremely well-known. The BSC chain-based official team fan token known as SANTOS has a total supply of 4.55 million units, a market value of around $21.33 million, and 3 million Twitter followers.

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5. Inter Milan Fan Token (INTER)

Inter Milan Football Club, one of the Italian football league’s teams, was founded in 1908; it is the only league team to have won five championships (the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, Coppa Italia, Italian Super Cup, and Club World Cup). Superstars like Meazza, Facchetti, Bergomi, Ronaldo, and Zanetti are on the team. The Chiliz chain-based official club fan token INTER has a total quantity of 20 million and a market value of around $10.62 million right now. It has up to 197K followers on Twitter.

6. Galatasaray Fan Token (GALFT)

The only Turkish club to have won the league championship for four straight seasons is Galatasaray Football Club, one of the Turkish Super League clubs that was founded in 1905. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token GALFT has a total quantity of 10 million and 658.6K Twitter followers.

7. AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)

One of the best teams in the world and a part of the Italian Football League, AC Milan Football Club was established in 1899. The group has won 5 Coppa Italia championships, 7 Italian Super Cup titles, 1 Club World Cup title, 19 Serie A titles, 7 Champions League titles, and 5 European Super Cup titles. Superstars like Paul Maldini, Franco Baresi, Gianni Rivera, Gunnar Nordahl, and Marco van Basten are on the team. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token known as ACM has a total supply of 20 million units and a market value of around $12.61 million right now. 8.4 million people follow it on Twitter.

8. AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)

One of the Italian Football League’s teams, AS Roma Football Club, was established in 1927 and has won three Serie A titles.

Superstars like Falcao, Giuseppe Giannini, Totti, De Rossi, Bruno Conti, and Pruzzo play for the squad. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token ASR has a total quantity of 10 million and a market value of roughly $8.75 million right now. It has up to 696.3K followers on Twitter.

9. Juventus Fan Token (JUV)

With a total of 36 Italian Serie A titles under its belt, Juventus Football Club, one of the clubs in the Italian Football League, holds the record for most Serie A titles won. It was also the first team in history to win the European Champions Cup, UEFA Cup, and European Cup Winners’ Cup. Club of continuing. Superstars like Michel Platini, Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon, Dino Zoff, and Giampiero Boniperti are on the team. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token JUV has a total supply of 20 million and a $7 million market value at the moment. It has up to 9.9 million followers on Twitter.

10. Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (ATM)

Atlético de Madrid, one of the teams in the Spanish Football League, was established in 1903 and has won 11 La Liga championships, three runners-up finish in the Champions League, three Europa League championships, three European Super Cup championships, and one Intercontinental Cup championship. Superstars like Simeone, Aragones, Costa, Torres, and Cork play for the team. The Chiliz chain-based official team fan token ATM has a total quantity of 10 million and a market value of roughly $10.12 million right now. It has up to 5.3M followers on Twitter.

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11. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token(PSG)

The 1970-founded Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is a member of the French Football League. The squad has won 10 Ligue 1 championships, 14 French Cup championships, 9 League Cup championships, 11 Super Cup championships, 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup, and 1 Ligue 2 championship. Superstars like Weah, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, and Messi are all on the team. PSG is a Chiliz chain-based official team fan token with a 20 million total supply and a market cap of roughly $26.62 million at the moment. Up to 2.4M people follow it on Twitter.

12. Chiliz(CHZ)

The first Layer 1 blockchain designed specifically for the sports and entertainment sector is called Chilliz (CHZ). To increase worldwide fan involvement and build a more comprehensive tokenized ecosystem, it wants to integrate the token economy with the sports and entertainment industries. Chilliz makes it possible for sports teams and other organizations to design their own sports fan tokens and use them as a means of trade inside the neighborhood.

By purchasing CHZ via Chiliz’s user-friendly mobile platform, Socios, fans may influence club choices and enjoy exclusive benefits, possibilities for unique participation inside the club, etc. With some of the greatest sporting organizations in the world, like FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus in Turin, and Paris Saint-Germain, Chiliz has partnered to develop sports fan tokens. Additionally, it has agreements with casino companies and the UFC. Fans may acquire numerous sports fan tokens and a stake in their team by purchasing CHZ.


The recent launch of fan tokens has garnered market interest since MEXC has consistently maintained a high level of market awareness and properly detects hot spots. The market value of the coins is now low due to the limited popularity of the fan token industry, which has led to the majority of online tokens being fans of the best football teams in the world.

Football is one of the most popular ball sports in the world, with a significant following all around the world. Football fans are expected to be the most active during the World Cup. There are now 3 months until the World Cup kicks off, and it is anticipated that the next shore will be welcomed. At this point, it is time to ambush the supported team fan currency in preparation.

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