Swyftx Launches Crypto Education Platform Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Rewards Users for Learning How to Avoid Scams

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A new crypto education platform called “Earn and Learn” is launching on Sept. 6 by Swyftx, an Australian crypto exchange. The platform aims to reward its users for learning about various types of crypto scams and how to avoid them.

The platform is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, one of the most advanced natural language processing models in the world. It can generate natural language answers to users’ questions about the crypto market, such as price trends, trading signals, risk management, and more.

Swyftx said that the platform was created in response to the growing demand for crypto education during the bear market and the increasing attention on crypto-related scams in Australia. The platform will help users identify different scams such as fake tokens, social media scams, pump-and-dump schemes, and more.

The platform will also provide users with a checklist to evaluate the quality and utility of different tokens, such as the background of their founding teams, the strength of their tokenomics, the weaknesses in the project, the profile of their VC backing, the financials and tokenomics, and the goals and relevance of the project.

To use the platform, users need to access the Swyftx app and tap on the Earn and Learn icon on the bottom right corner. Users can then type or speak their questions and receive instant answers from the platform. Users can also rate the answers and provide feedback to help improve the platform.

The first 4,000 users who complete the first course on fundamental analysis will receive $3.20 (5 Australian dollars) in BTC with $64.30 (100 Australian dollars) in total rewards available to each user over the next 12 months. The exchange expects up to 80,000 Australians to participate in the platform.

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Swyftx claims that Earn and Learn is the first of its kind in the crypto industry and that it will continue to develop and optimize the platform in the future. The exchange also plans to integrate Earn and Learn with other features and services on its platform, such as trading bots, social trading, and education.

Swyftx is one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchanges in the world, with over 2.5 million registered users and over $100 billion in monthly trading volume. The exchange offers various products and services, such as perpetual contracts, inverse contracts, USDT contracts, mutual insurance, cloud mining, and more.

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