The Celo Foundation and Google Cloud have formed a partnership

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The Celo Foundation has partnered with Google Cloud to support sustainable startups building on Celo’s blockchain platform. The collaboration aims to advance the early adoption of Google Cloud services and allow founders to access credits for Google Cloud and Google’s mobile development platform, Firebase, enhancing Celo’s mobile-first infrastructure and decentralized applications. Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform that offers developers various tools and services, including authentication, real-time databases, cloud storage, and messaging.

Under the partnership, the Google Cloud team will also provide mentorship and guidance to the Celo Foundation’s Founders in Residence program, participate in the virtual Celo Camp accelerator program, and co-host targeted workshops and events focused on Web3 sustainability and innovation. The partnership aims to increase awareness of blockchain technology and its potential to scale real-world use cases on Celo.

Xochitl Cazador, the Celo Foundation’s head of ecosystem growth, emphasized that technical onboarding processes, complex interfaces, and unfamiliar transaction fee currencies pose significant barriers to entry for sustainability-focused startups in the Web3 space. However, Celo’s partnership with Google Cloud aims to alleviate the strain on emerging and established projects, allowing ecosystem builders to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s largest sustainability challenges.

Celo is a blockchain platform that has achieved carbon negativity through proof-of-stake consensus and gained recognition as a leader in regenerative finance. This broad concept prioritizes sustainability within finance. With over 1,000 projects in more than 150 countries, Celo has a diverse range of initiatives focused on building sustainable solutions on its platform.

Rene Reinsberg, the Celo Foundation president and the Celo blockchain co-founder, discussed the ReFi movement and Celo’s plans to stay relevant in the multichain world. Reinsberg sees the increase in layer-1 blockchains and layer-2 networks as an opportunity to bring more people into crypto and believes that Celo’s commitment to sustainability will differentiate it from other platforms in the space.

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The partnership between Celo and Google Cloud is a significant step towards advancing sustainable Web3 startups and increasing awareness of the potential of blockchain technology to tackle environmental challenges. By providing support, mentorship, and access to resources, Celo and Google Cloud empower ecosystem builders to create real-world solutions prioritizing sustainability and innovation.

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