The CEO of Solana says that on-chain voting is to blame for network problems.

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Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder and CEO of Solana Labs, referred to suggestions that on-chain voting was to blame for network disruptions as being “pure stupidity.”

The creator and CEO of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, has disputed suggestions that the on-chain voting method and heavy validator message traffic were to blame for Solana’s network disruptions.

The CEO of Solana responded to rumors that Solana’s decision to include Onchain votes as transactions is a “massive design flaw” that caused its numerous outages, even though the Solana Foundation confirmed in a post on February 27 that the “root cause” of the most recent 20-hour network outage is still unclear.

The contentious thread in question was published by Twitter user DBCryptoX earlier on February 27, days after Solana’s 20-hour network outage. It claimed that the network was congested due to many validator messages and on-chain votes.

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However, Yankovenko referred to the theory as being based on “pure ignorance” in a follow-up Tweet about 20 minutes later.

In essence, he said, the votes, which make up “one huge quorum,” help to simultaneously deliver an “extraordinary degree of security, great throughput, and low prices.”

Yakovenko didn’t precisely dispute DBCryptoX’s assertion that these validator messages and on-chain votes make up 90–95 percent of Solana transactions, which DBCryptoX claims have contributed to “bogging down the system.”

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The network failures, according to DBCryptoX, have lasted for the past 20 hours since it takes a long time for validators to get together and agree on a solution utilizing off-chain methods, including a chat app like Discord.


Several of the comments on DBCryptoX’s first post did not agree with the notion.

The network disruptions have several causes, according to software developer Alex Kroeger of the Solana-powered Wallet Phantom. Validators of proof-of-stake systems require a lot of network traffic to complete validation.

Even though the Solana network was formally reactivated in the late afternoon of February 25, some members of the cryptocurrency world are becoming weary of it.

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