Top 10 Learn-to-Earn Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts

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Blockchain technology has provided various new and unique approaches to market-specific user behavior in the decentralized ecosystem like Learn-to-Earn Programs. Indeed, as another of our writers, Paulina Okunyt, has pointed out, the DeFi system encourages certain user behavior by giving cash incentives for such activity.

According to Paulina’s mathematical explanation, systems created around human behavior that have commercialization potential are referred to as “x-to-earn,” where “x” symbolizes the user’s contribution to the digital community. In this context, learning represents factor x, resulting in Learn-to-Earn programs.

So far, the blockchain has served as a platform for various crypto initiatives to define learning or education services as a commodity that anybody can sell with an interest in or a love for learning new things. However, most initiatives’ overall purpose is to contribute to the general acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

By supporting Learn-to-Earn initiatives, such crypto projects stimulate adoption and educate and equip new adopters with the skills they need to navigate the quickly evolving sector. On that topic, we’ve carefully chosen a list of the best ten Learn-to-Earn programs for you to pick from as a beginner or interested student. So, let us get right to it!

10. Publish0x

As the name indicates, this project is not a specialized learning platform in the traditional sense. Rather, it enables users to earn cryptocurrency by creating, reading, or viewing cryptocurrency-related content on the network. Users may earn cryptocurrency by reading and viewing crypto-related material, which theoretically equates to learning.

The website is organized into sections where users may publish related material. The obvious suspects of general news and public relations are highly represented, but other categories are also mentioned in connection to specific crypto initiatives. As a result, users may choose to post or read material on a variety of specialized themes, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Statera, Fantom, and many more.

Users can also browse the site depending on their particular interests. Curious surfers may look for content relating to music, digital art, photography, poetry, creative writing, comics, fiction, crypto, and blockchain news, market research and trading, airdrops, and much more.

9. BitDegree

When compared to the bulk of its competitors, BitDegree stands out. Unlike other platforms, where learners go through modular courses, BitDegree goes a step further, with intentions to build the ‘Learnoverse,’ a crypto learning metaverse widely regarded as the first of its kind.

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In general, BitDegree is on a mission to become the world’s leading crypto educator in the domains of Web 3.0, and as such, it provides its community with innovative crypto learning tools, such as the widely anticipated Learnoverse.

Simply put, users may learn about new crypto projects by viewing a series of entertaining and educational video content bits known as ‘Learndrops.’ Following that, they will be expected to demonstrate what they have learned by completing a fast assessment that puts their knowledge to the test, after which they will be awarded bitcoin based on their performance.

As a private effort, successful learners are also issued NFT certificates, which they may use to market their learning talents through the network’s Learn-to-Earn tokenomic system. You may find out more about the project by clicking on the link below.

8. EarnCrypto

EarnCrypto, perhaps one of the fastest-growing Learn-to-Earn programs in the crypto world, provides its members with a variety of free methods to earn bitcoin, one of which is, of course, learning. Interested users may learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by using the platform’s informative instructions, which are available in both textual and video versions.

Users often watch funny videos, do surveys, and perform different activities, which may involve installing and testing crypto programs. Each of the aforementioned choices entitles players to receive rewards in any of the platform’s over 50 cryptocurrencies.

Notably, EarnCrypto currently has one of the highest payout ratios, claiming to have made over 57K payouts to community members on its website.

7. Phemex

Aside from being a crypto trading and investing platform, Phemex also provides users with other ways to earn cryptocurrencies, such as crypto savings, staking, and profit diversification. However, although the majority of these chances demand upfront cash, there is one that does not.

Phemex’s Learn-to-Earn program, for instance, allows users to earn on the platform just by viewing instructive videos that teach traders about basic crypto ideas as well as the exchange’s features. Furthermore, users must complete several quizzes, the completion of which results in incentives in the form of either crypto or trading bonuses.

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6. KuCoin

KuCoin is another cryptocurrency exchange that offers numerous earning schemes, one of which is Learn-to-Earn. Unlike most of its competitors, KuCoin’s website includes a section called the “Reward Hub” where interested people can participate in various tasks, including Learn-to-Earn modules, to earn USDT.

Participants can now pick from any of the 16 accessible course modules. Users can complete learning activities by reading or watching guides on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, trading skills, and more particular trading intricacies. Participants are awarded free USDT tokens or coupon prizes that may be used across the network’s spectrum of trading products once the task is completed.

5. Hooked

Hooked is a protocol that is laying the groundwork for widespread Web3 adoption by providing customized Learn & Earn solutions and onboarding infrastructures for consumers and organizations looking to embrace the new web3 world.

The protocol thinks that gamified learning experiences and the return of economic value to users can result in a substantial web3 revolution.

Hooked Protocol’s Objectives:

Hooked intends to deliver economic value to its users, gamifying the learning process so that anybody, regardless of prior bitcoin expertise, may access, earn, and own a portion of cryptocurrency.

It also intends to facilitate and accelerate the Web3 transformation of developers and apps, build a healthy community with scalability and engagement, and leverage viral growth and decentralized social networks.

4. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is yet another crypto trading platform to make a list. It is a service that allows people to learn about cryptocurrency while also earning cryptocurrency. ‘Coinbase Earn,’ like the bulk of its rivals, offers a wide portfolio of instructional courses, most of which are videos.

Individuals may learn about any of the various cryptocurrency-related topics here, after which they must put their newly acquired knowledge to the test by taking a series of tests. Participants who successfully demonstrate their comprehension are awarded cryptocurrencies that vary based on the course chosen.

For example, one course is dedicated to a project called ‘The Graph,’ which is a protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data. Participants who learn how the protocol works through the Coinbase Learn and Earn program are rewarded with the project’s native currency, $GRT.

3. CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap is a well-known cryptocurrency website; however, unlike the trading platforms stated above, CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency price-tracking website. Although CoinMarketCap’s purpose is to make cryptocurrency more accessible and efficient throughout the world by delivering unbiased, high-quality, and trustworthy information to retail users, the site has also created a place for learning.

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Users may not only learn about various crypto assets (both top and new projects) and their systems while evaluating their knowledge, but they can also earn cryptocurrency while doing so.

What truly distinguishes CoinMarketCap Earn as a one-of-a-kind program is its collaboration with trusted and emerging projects to incentivize early adopters, particularly those interested in learning more about the project. Partnerships allow such platforms to give users a simple way to learn about their crypto project and its rewards, which are generally in the form of native assets.

2. Earnathon

Earnathon, unlike the bulk of the initiatives on our list, is a specialized learning website that offers a broad selection of crypto-related courses. Users may explore and learn about the rapidly emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, how bitcoin works, and much more.

The platform essentially has two main offerings; the first is Learn-to-Earn programs, though not every course offers direct incentives for completion other than the pursuit of relevant knowledge, and the second is more focused on businesses and projects looking to promote their brands and systems, providing them with important exposure by allowing millions of people to learn about what they do, and possibly incentivizing them with their native asset.

So far, at least seven projects have registered on the platform, with native tokens being offered as incentives to persuade people to attend their courses, learn more about them, and maybe become adopters. Puppy Planet, X Plus, and Xend Finance are among the prominent names here.

1. Binance Earn (Binance Academy)

‘Binance Earn,’ a sub-section of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, is a dedicated center where users may see their earning potential realized. The Learn-to-Earn program is one of several possibilities available here and requires no prior money.

Interested participants may use ‘Binance Academy’ to expand their blockchain knowledge, take tests, and earn different crypto assets for free, with a variety of different crypto prizes accessible for each course, covering the essential understanding of numerous crypto projects.


While that concludes our top ten, please comment below if you know of any more Learn-to-Earn programs we missed.

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