Top crypto asset management companies

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Despite problems such as market instability, bitcoin is gaining traction as an asset class. Bitcoin’s value, for example, continues to rise, prompting fans to consider digital assets as possible investment vehicles. As the number of cryptocurrencies grows globally, so does their market valuation, which will reach an astonishing EUR 2.58 billion in October 2021. The Top crypto asset management companies are highlighted in this guide. Continue reading to discover more about each one

Crypto as an asset class has prompted the establishment of several crypto funds, which have shown reasonably constant growth, culminating at near to USD 60 billion in total assets under management in 2021.

Investing in digital assets has the potential to be profitable. However, maintaining crypto assets may be a difficult task for both novice and expert traders. Crypto asset management firms may assist you in diversifying, managing, and growing your blockchain-linked assets.

Top Crypto Asset Management Companies

Our list of cryptocurrency asset management firms includes pioneers, established corporations, decentralized protocols, and crypto portfolio management startups.

Multicoin Capital

top crypto asset management companies

Multicoin Capital was founded in May 2017 and has since developed to become one of the leading investment organizations specializing in cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and blockchain enterprises. It is a cryptocurrency fund manager with offices in three major cities: Austin, New York, and Beijing.

Multicoin Capital, as a crypto fund manager, is well-versed in the crypto technological environment and market structure. Currently, it manages long-term capital for businesses such as family offices, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals. Its managed assets under management (AUM) have surpassed $3 billion, making it one of the world’s leading crypto asset management firms.

Grayscale Investments

top crypto asset management companies

Grayscale Investments, founded in 2013, has grown to become one of the world’s leading digital currency asset managers. Grayscale’s net AUM was $45.1 billion in April 2021.

04/08/21 UPDATE: Net Assets Under Management, Holdings per Share, and Market Price per Share for our Investment Products.

Total AUM: $45.1 billion$BTC $BCH $ETH $ETC $ZEN $LTC $XLM $ZEC $BAT $LINK $MANA $FIL $LPT— Grayscale (@Grayscale) April 8, 2021

This digitally native corporation is SEC-registered and operates inside SEC-mandated regulatory frameworks. It provides a variety of digital currency-based products, including the Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust. Aside from Bitcoin Cash and Ether, it also holds Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash, and Stellar.

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Wave Financial

top crypto asset management companies

Wave Financial is a digital asset management firm with over $1 billion in AUM that is SEC-registered and regulated in the United States. It focuses solely on digital assets and provides a wide range of investment products, including:

● Wealth management solutions for investing in digital assets

● The inventory management protocol, which is a tokenized staking fund

● NFT Fund, which invests in non-fungible token collectibles (70%), platforms (30%), and protocols.

● Wave Bitcoin Income and Growth Fund is a professionally managed Bitcoin product.
Pantera Capital Management

Since 2013, Pantera has been investing in digital assets and blockchain businesses. It was the first US institutional asset manager to create a cryptocurrency fund (Pantera Bitcoin Fund) and the first blockchain-only venture fund (Pantera Venture Fund I) in 2013. Pantera is regarded as a pioneer in digital asset management. Joey Krug, the company’s co-CIO, launched one of the first decentralized apps built on the Ethereum blockchain. Pantera was also the first to launch an early-stage token fund.

It provides numerous investing options:

● Venture equity

● Early-stage tokens

● Liquid tokens

● Select fund

● Blockchain fund

● Bitcoin fund

Pantera’s worldwide portfolio consists of more than 90 blockchain startups and 100 early-stage tokens, including Balancer, Blockfolio, Coinbase, and Zcash.

Systematic Alpha

top crypto asset management companies

Systematic Alpha, located in Miami, is an award-winning asset management firm. Systematic Alpha FX Program and Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Master Fund, or SACAF, are its two trading programs. The SACAF, on the other hand, is intended to provide consistent alpha returns by trading in major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a target ROR of 20% or higher.

10T Holdings

top crypto asset management companies

10T Holdings, founded in 2020, is a growth equity fund located in Connecticut and one of the fastest-growing digital asset management firms, with over $1 billion in AUM. It focuses on private enterprises in the digital asset ecosystem (DAE) that are in the growing stage. Kraken, Helium, Gemini, eToro, and Figure are among the companies in its diverse investment portfolio.

It currently has 17 growth-stage investments and expects to generate $6.6 billion in revenue from its portfolio companies in 2021.

Bitwise Asset Management

top crypto asset management companies

Bitwise is a San Francisco-based digital asset firm specializing in crypto index funds. It is one of the fastest-growing crypto asset managers, managing more than $1 billion in various investment solutions such as a DeFi Crypto Index Fund, 10 Crypto Index Fund, and Blue-Chip NFT Index Fund. Bitwise introduced the first cryptocurrency index fund in 2017. It has since expanded to include 13 crypto funds and exposure to 20 different crypto assets, as well as 10 NFT collections. It is in charge of the world’s first and largest crypto fund, OTCQX:BITW.

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Galaxy Digital

top crypto asset management companies

Galaxy Digital is an investment management organization that focuses on digital asset investments. Aside from asset management, Galaxy Digital also offers various crypto or blockchain-related financial services, such as:

● Investment banking services for blockchain and digital asset firms

● Exclusive mining operations and miners’ bespoke funding

● Brokerage at its finest

● Principal investments in early-stage and late-stage ventures, as well as liquid crypto and digital assets

● Trading

BlockTower Capital

top crypto asset management companies

BlockTower is a cryptocurrency/blockchain investment organization that focuses on trading, investing, and portfolio management for a variety of digital assets. Founded in 2017, this crypto asset investment firm is made up of venture investors, traders, data scientists, engineers, and risk managers who use their expertise to apply various approaches to digital asset investment and management, such as early-stage investing, portfolio management, cryptography, and game theory.

Off The Chain Capital

top crypto asset management companies

Off The Chain is a 2016 investment fund that was established. It has been the top-performing blockchain fund in the HFRI Indices for the past five years (December 2016 to December 2021), outperforming Bitcoin and the S&P 500. Its primary focus is on offering downside protection for investors such as family offices, endowments, and foundations looking to diversify their portfolios and enter the blockchain space.

Off The Chain also provides specialized consulting services to help investors and organizations better understand digital assets and make more informed decisions. Private education sessions, advisory, valuation modeling, due diligence review, and custody support are among the services provided.

Eaglebrook Advisors

top crypto asset management companies

Eaglebrook Advisors, situated in Miami, is a tech-driven investment management that was launched in 2019. It focuses on Bitcoin and other digital assets, providing many Bitcoin and digital asset SMAs classified as follows:

● SMAs for a single asset

● SMAs that are personalized

● SMAs that are active

Eaglebrook network, as an investment manager, has over 30 RIAs and 400 financial advisors that use its powerful SMA platform for crypto and digital asset allocation. Eaglebrook’s portfolio integration and portfolio customization offerings make asset management more accessible to both investors and their advisers. Other advantages include daily liquidity, which enables clients to invest and withdraw money within 24 hours, and tax-loss harvesting techniques to improve tax efficiency.

ODIN88 Asset Management

top crypto asset management companies

ODIN88 is a digital asset management firm that provides a variety of investment solutions under the Capital & Income Series, Real Estate Series, and Elite Crypto Series. The Elite Crypto Series is the only one that allows you to invest in top-performing crypto assets and earn crypto exposure. The Elite Crypto Series provides you with access to optimized blockchain portfolios that have been analyzed and chosen based on their individual capacity to maximize returns.

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Index Coop

top crypto asset management companies

The Index Coop is a decentralized system that allows INDEX token holders to monitor, control, and improve the platform. It includes collateralized investment products (indices) and tools such as the Interest Compounding ETH Index, DeFi Pulse Index, Metaverse Index, and Bankless DeFi Innovation Index.

As an Index Coop user and investor, you’ll also gain access to the Index Coop Ecosystem, which includes apps and services such as Gemini, Coinbase Wallet, and Argent that can be used in conjunction with Index Coop products.


top crypto asset management companies

Balancer is a trading platform and automatic portfolio manager for investors, traders, and builders. Balancer allows investors to receive fees from index fund portfolios that automatically rebalance and create income. Balancer makes trading more efficient for traders by providing decentralized transactions with intelligent pricing and MEV protection. Finally, Balancer is a configurable protocol ideal for builders wishing to create their own DeFi framework. There are already over 50 DeFi integrations, including Aave, Element, and Ocean.

What exactly is crypto asset management?

Crypto asset management is the management of a portfolio of digital or tokenized assets on a blockchain, such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. It also entails the acquisition and sale of such investments. As crypto assets become more accessible, there is a rising desire for techniques or systems that will allow investors to manage their digital assets properly.

For example, if you use many cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, it might be tough to keep track of them all. There are financial dangers associated with this investment, as with any other. You have a dedicated route that consolidates your investment portfolio with crypto asset management businesses or platforms, allowing you to track your asset’s development or performance in real-time and mitigate any dangers.


The world of digital assets and crypto investments can be complicated, but crypto asset management companies, platforms, and applications are working to make this emerging market more accessible to everyone, not just investors and enthusiasts. Working with a reliable crypto asset management company can help you adopt digital assets, optimize your investments, and minimize risks or losses, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced crypto trader.

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