Top Move-to-Earn Games: Work Out and Earn Crypto

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Here is a brief explanation of how move-to-earn games function before we reveal our top picks for 2022.

Simply said, move-to-earn games are a category of blockchain games where players receive cryptocurrency for moving about and being active. Other names for them are Fitness Finance, Move and Earn Games, and Move2Earn Games (FitFi).

Similar to play-to-earn games, which pay players for participating in the game, move-to-earn games provide rewards for doing so. Users frequently need to buy tokens in order to begin earning. Some games, nevertheless, don’t demand a start-up cost.

Combining blockchain technology with fitness, which permeates so many people’s daily lives, might increase the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the general public. In other words, move-to-earn games will serve as many players’ entry points into the realm of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, developing a gamified experience for the fitness sector revolutionizes the sector and creates a wealth of new options.

Here are the top move-to-earn apps and games you should attempt, without further ado.


Blockchain: Solana

Token: GMT

Platform: Browser, mobile

The most popular move-to-earn project at the moment is STEPN. Simply said, it is a running app that pays users for exercising.

Currently, in public testing, this move-to-earn game has a lot of potential. More than 5 million downloads have been made thus far. Since most downloads originate from Russia, it is now the most widely used there (AppMagic). Here is how STEPN works:

Profiting from STEPN

You must purchase a Sneaker NFT using SOL in order to begin earning. You may do it through alternative NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, where the current lowest price for a shoe is roughly $50, or through the in-app marketplace using the in-app wallet.

You get game tokens by moving about, whether you’re walking, running, or jogging. You may exchange the tokens you earn for USDC. In a nutshell, this is how you monetize this game.

This was the clear justification. But STEPN is a lot more complicated than that. Here is a more thorough description of how it operates.

How Much Can You Earn with STEPN

The kind of shoe you wear, its characteristics, the GPS signal, and your rate of movement all affect how much money you may make in STEPN. For instance, in order to earn the most money, you must maintain the specified ideal pace. Your income might decrease by up to 90% depending on how quickly or slowly you go!

It’s crucial to remember that players require energy to move and earn for five minutes in order to gain tokens. Every six hours, energy for shoe owners recovers by 25%. Users may purchase more shoes to boost their energy levels. Therefore, the longer you can walk and earn, the more shoes you should own.

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In addition, there are several kinds of shoes in terms of design, scarcity, features, and earning potential. Additionally, gems may be used to boost a sneaker’s abilities and effectiveness, and users can sell their old sneakers or create brand-new ones. To generate a new pair of shoes, two sneakers are “bred” together. Higher shoe efficiency inevitably results in more tokens being generated every minute.

According to STEPN, it will soon be able to rent a pair of sneakers for nothing and split the profits with the customer. For people who don’t want to purchase an NFT to begin earning money, this is fantastic.


This game has a dual token economy since GMT and GST are its two native tokens. GST is a utility token, while GMT is a governance token. Sustainable development should result from continuous GST and GMT burning (sneaker repair, customization fee, sneaker minting, leveling up sneakers, etc.).

The two primary income models are likewise represented by these tokens. Players with levels 0 through 29 can only earn GST, while those with levels 30 and up have the option of earning GMT or GST.

I suggest reading STEPN’s whitepaper if you want to find out any more details about it.

2. Step App

Blockchain: Avalanche

Token: FITFI

Platform: Android, iOS

The new move-to-earn game Step App, powered by Avalanche, is comparable to STEPN. It is now in private beta and is released by Eduisfun. The app’s objective is to motivate users to become more active and achieve their fitness objectives in a creative and enjoyable way. Additionally, it aims to popularize cryptocurrency. Here is what we currently know about Step App.

How Does Step App Work?

Rich social and competitive metaverse experiences are promised by the Step App. Each user receives a metaverse avatar, and the objective is to reach a variety of fitness milestones. Fitness competitions between players represent the social component. Earning is the last element of the jigsaw. By successfully completing fitness challenges and tasks, players may acquire game tokens.

Step App’s economy is based on staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, and burns, according to its website. It is also counterbalanced by the aforementioned income and social mechanisms. The program “focuses on experience-based consumption to guarantee token emissions are compensated by leisurely spending,” according to the Step App’s makers.

FITFI and KCAL are the two major tokens used by Step App. The first is a governance token, while the second is an in-game token that players may acquire by actively staking NFTs. Furthermore, SNEAKs, a non-fungible token, are purchased and produced using KCAL (NFTs).

Step App Staking

Perpetual staking contracts are the foundation of the Staking in Step App. To have access to every possibility inside the Step App ecosystem, a single stake is sufficient. Early adopters may earn drop tickets and loot boxes by staking FITFI, and these items occasionally include SNEAKs (35% likelihood).

3. Genopets

Blockchain: Solana

Token: GENE

Platform: Android, iOS

On our list of move-to-earn crypto projects, Genopets is one of the more intriguing ventures. It combines the role-playing genre with the idea of moving to earn. Have I mentioned that there are adorable animals involved? It appears like Genopets has it all. Its current public beta phase aims to increase the number of users.

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How to Play Genopets?

Here is how the game functions.

Genopets’ major component—as the name suggests—is virtual pets. They are a digital depiction of you, and they change along with you as you do. You don’t need to make an initial expenditure to begin playing this game; you just need to get going. Your pet will be at your side whether you’re walking on the treadmill at the gym or going for a hike in the wilderness.

Genopets, though, are more than just your friends; you must take care of them, you may utilize them in turn-based challenges for combat, and you can make NFTs make them uniquely your own. For those of us who are old enough to remember, taking care of your web3 pet is similar to taking care of your Tamagotchi. Additionally, Genopets and Pokemon have certain similarities.

When you level up your Genopet, its worth rises and its rarity rises, which is advantageous if you wish to sell it on markets.

Your daily steps are transformed into Energy, which opens up several possibilities to win rewards and is utilized as fuel throughout the game. Genopets don’t require GPS, in contrast to STEPN. Your steps are tracked using the pedometer on your phone.

Furthermore, players may change Energy into KI, the game’s token, provided they possess a Habitat (a place for their pet). Then, you may utilize KI to get to other game features. Additionally, you may convert Energy into XP (not a token) so that you can level up your pet.

In the section that follows, you may read more about Genopets’ tokens and their intended uses.

Genopets Economy

The KI and GENE tokens make up the dual-token economy that underpins Genopets.

The game’s utility token, KI, may be used for terraforming, crafting, and refining crystals. GENE is a utility token for NFT sales and crafting, as well as for voting and governance.

4. Dotmoovs

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token: MOOV

Platform: Android, iOS

You may participate in numerous metaverse challenges and tournaments with the help of the cutting-edge sports software Dotmoovs. In essence, athletic competition between two people from different regions of the world may take place in their living rooms.

Nice, huh?

To decide who performed better, the app’s AI and scoring algorithm identifies human bodies and their movements. Only dancing and freestyle football (soccer) are now offered, but other sports will be added shortly.

How to Earn in Dotmoovs

The earning component is making money from the time you spend learning and developing new talents. Users are rewarded with NFTs and MOOV, the game’s token that can be converted into fiat money.

You must purchase an NFT in order to begin playing, as is the case with the majority of move-to-earn crypto projects. But Dotmooves also lets you rent an NFT and split the revenue. Then it’s time to play; do your finest football feats or imitate your favorite dance. Various game modes are available, including solo, party, teams, and professional seasons.

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You will receive MOOV as payment when you triumph in a challenge or when you rent an NFT to a victorious player. The game’s token may then be used to upgrade your gear, purchase additional NFTs, or exchange it for another type of money.

Here is more information on the game’s economy and tokens.

Dotmoovs Game Economy

The goal of Dotmoovs’ native token, MOOV, is to level the playing field for all participants by democratizing entry to sporting events.

You must take part in several tasks, raise your rating, and reach a number of milestones in order to get MOOV or NFT awards. Additionally, by betting MOOV, you may also obtain NFT collectibles.

The Dotmoovs whitepaper states that MOOVS may be used and earned for the following purposes: to purchase NFTs, recharge NFTs, participate in legendary challenges, challenge other players, and rent NFTs.

5. Calo

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Token: CALO

Platform: Android, iOS

Calo, a metaverse that is presently in Beta phase 2, is the last platform on our list of the finest move-to-earn games.

Calo is a move-to-earn crypto project that encourages players to exercise and stay active in order to earn a passive income. You’ll discover in the next part that it is quite similar to STEPN.

Find out more about Calo’s operation here.

Earning with Calo

You need a SNEAKER NFT to participate in the move-to-earn, the same as in STEPN. Additionally, you’ll require stamina, which is the same as STEPN’s energy. For every 1 stamina you have, you may move for 5 minutes, and it regenerates at a rate of 25% every 6 hours.

You may start exercising and earning FIT, the game’s token, as soon as you have your footwear and some stamina.

Sneaker type, sneaker qualities, sneaker speed, walking pace, GPS signal, and mobile connection strength are the primary aspects that affect how much FIT you earn. Again, much of this was covered in STEPN, so I won’t go into further depth.

There is now only one game mode available, however, challenge mode, team challenge mode, and VR PvP mode are all being developed.

Calo stands apart due to the gacha mechanism that has been included. Players receive randomly assigned gacha boxes in single-player that include in-game goodies.

Calo has a dual token economy, much like every other move-to-earn game on this list. The token you acquire by moving is FIT, as I previously stated, and its supply is limitless. By minting sneakers, mending sneakers, leveling sneakers, and upgrading stones, you can burn FIT.

Contrarily, CALO is a token with a finite quantity. Users who stake it have more voting power.


You’ve reached the conclusion of our ranking of the top earn-by-moving games. Which one is your favorite? Did I forget any? Comment below and let us know!

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