Trump NFTs surge following the indictment, with Q1 trading volume reaching $4.7B.

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As Square Enix discontinued trading cards for Final Fantasy that aren’t yet available for trading, the total amount of transactions on the NFT market in Q1 doubled from the prior quarter to $4.7 billion. After the March 30 announcement that a New York Grand Jury had decided to indict former president Donald Trump, the floor price for the Trump Digital Trading Cards nonfungible token (NFT) project shot through the roof.

Data from OpenSea indicates that the news may have inspired some NFT traders to act, as the floor price rose from 0.46 ETH ($835), or $835 at the time of writing, to as much as 0.6 ETH ($1090), on the same day.

Trump NFTs

When the initiative began in December 2022, it gave select NFT hodlers privileged one-on-one encounters, including private golf outings, meals, and discussions with Trump.

The announcement of the indictment may impact the former president’s capacity to convey his experiences.

The floor price has since fallen back to a range of 0.51 ETH as of the time of writing. The cost is still significantly more than the original mint rate of $99 from December.

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