Week 1 (2023) BTC Bitcoin Analysis

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BTC ended the yearly candle over $16,400, finishing 2022, which was a difficult year for cryptocurrency investors. A year in which all financial markets were under selling pressure as a result of the Federal Reserve’s most severe contractionary measures, and Bitcoin was no exception. let’s start Week 1 (2023) BTC Bitcoin Analysis.

USDT.D Chart
USDT Chart

In addition to economic measures, internal variables such as LUNA, FTX, Tree Arrow, and others made 2022 a haven for bears.
Week 1 (2023) BTC Bitcoin Analysis shows that it is now trading at about $16,400. So far, this region has been able to avoid the fall on several occasions.

BTC / USDT Chart

According to the BTC and USDT.D charts, Bitcoin will advance toward the $17,400 target this week. It goes without saying that the ranges between $16,700 and $17,200 have high resistance in this direction.

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