Week 17 BTC Bitcoin Analysis

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The information given last week showed that Bitcoin has corrected toward the $28,000 area. By the analysis provided, USD.T also increased up to 7.2% and faced a decline in the market. On week 17 BTC Bitcoin analysis, Bitcoin will continue to decline until it reaches the $26,000 region, following which it will once more target the $30,000 region.


Given the number of orders received in the $26,000–$28,000 range, it is expected to surpass the $30,000 mark with a strong and steady force this time. We should examine the number of transactions and price candles to see whether the trend will continue after breaking through the $30,000 area. But in terms of Elliott wave week 17 BTC Bitcoin analysis, the $32,000 area is also available, and after that, we will continue the bear market.


You should avoid FOMO and refrain from investing and expanding your Hodl portfolio in these regions. Prices for Bitcoin will drop, possibly reaching new lows.

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