Weekly Altcoins Analysis 2023

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December 4 Altcoins Analysis

Due to the growth of Bitcoin and the correction of BTC.D, altcoins will be pumped again in the case of Bitcoin trend ranging in the $40,000 area, and this will be the last rise and pump of altcoins in the medium term. Therefore, it is suggested that traders use the loss limit when opening long positions and risk-free it after making sure of the direction of the trade.

BTC.D December 4 Altcoins Analysis

In the meantime, there are altcoins that are prone to growth and re-pumping, which we have announced in the watch list.

November 27 Altcoins Analysis

Considering that BTC.D is at the ceiling of its channel and is correcting and moving towards the bottom of the channel, according to the analysis of BTC, for which we predicted a temporary rise, we will expect the rise and pump of some altcoins.

BTC.D November 27 Altcoins Analysis

In the meantime, altcoins that are far from SMA 200 in the daily time frame will reach this moving. Long trades can be taken on them. Of course, due to the sensitivity of the market, be sure to use small stoplosses and trail your stop.

November 13 Altcoins Analysis

In the last few weeks, we had an altcoin party, and with the rise of Bitcoin, altcoins grew well, but now, due to BTC.D reaching the support area, we expect a correction in altcoins to the 0.88 Fibonacci area. Traders should be careful to take short positions on altcoins, as they have reached resistance points in the upper time frame, such as the daily time frame, and must be traded in steps.

BTC.D November 13 Altcoins Analysis

November 6 Altcoins Analysis

With the range of Bitcoin in the area of ​​34000 dollars and the good correction of BTC.D, we had an altcoin party, and many altcoins with high potential and lagging behind the market were able to experience good price growth.

BTC.D November 6 Altcoins Analysis

Considering that BTC.D has reached its support area and the analysis of bitcoin correction, these price areas are a good place to save money and exit long transactions. Regarding taking short positions, traders should be careful not to be stophunted by whales and exchanges. Like Bitcoin, in this situation, the WinRate of short transactions for altcoins is higher, provided that the mentioned conditions are met.

October 30 Altcoins Analysis

Like Bitcoin, altcoins did not show any particular movement. And the market is still shallow and directionless. In this situation, you should be careful about the mischief of whales on the small currencies of the market.

October 23 Altcoins Analysis

With the rise of Bitcoin, the altcoins also grew, almost all of which had reached their important and strong support. But due to the high BTC.D, they were not able to recover the ceilings of their stocks like Bitcoin, so from this area onwards, probably with the fall of Bitcoin, altcoins will also experience a fall, but because BTC.D is also falling, their fall rate will be like It will not be before.

BTC.D October 23 Altcoins Analysis

Therefore, traders should note that in case of taking short positions, they should make safe trades in the support areas.

October 16 Altcoins Analysis

Most of the altcoins have reached their important supports in the above time frames and the dominance of BTC has reached a good point, which is the time for its correction and starts its correction in the 52% area. In this situation, altcoins will compensate for some of their difference in movement with Bitcoin. Be sure to use low loss limits for transactions in this situation considering the burden of whales in the market.

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BTC.D October 16 Altcoins Analysis

October 9 Altcoins Analysis

In the last week, some altcoins experienced good price growth as indicated in the previous analysis, but still, a number of altcoins have not moved away from their important supports. In this situation where Bitcoin fluctuates a little, these altcoins are good bait for mischievous sharks, and traders can also take advantage of this opportunity and take a position on the temporary rising waves of these altcoins.

BTC.D October 9 Altcoins Analysis

When BTC.D approaches the 51% area, because there is dominance resistance in this area, and in case of correction, a number of altcoins will be pumped.

October 2 Altcoins Analysis

With the rise of bitcoin to a channel ceiling, according to our previous analysis, altcoins experienced good gains, but since BTC.D also rose along with bitcoin, some of the pressure of altcoins’ rise was reduced, according to the position of BTC.D in the chart We will definitely see the decline of Bitcoin’s dominance and this will provide an opportunity for further growth in altcoins that have not yet grown.

BTC.D October 2 Altcoins Analysis

But be careful that all these rises are temporary and with the decline of Bitcoin, the market will be under selling pressure. Therefore, in long positions, be sure to do Risk-Free after some time. Or exit the deal with small profits.

September 25 Altcoins Analysis

Abbotcoins are also going through a boring range according to Bitcoin, but due to the downward trend of BTC.D, we will again see pumps from altcoins. We emphasize again that these rises and pumps are temporary and it is not recommended to buy in these areas to close the hold basket. Regarding futures transactions, it is recommended to use low leverage with small losses in long transactions. Because there is a possibility of a short squeeze in some altcoins by the market maker, which leads to the liquidation of transactions if the loss limit is not met.

BTC.D September 25 Altcoins Analysis

September 18 Altcoins Analysis

Due to the range of Bitcoin in the areas mentioned in the analysis and the position of BTC.D, a strong negative divergence can be seen in its RSI chart. In case of a fall, it provides the opportunity for temporary growth and pumps for susceptible altcoins. The current market owes traders a Mini Alt Season, which is quite possible to create at this point in time. Be careful that this position is only suitable for short-term transactions and it is not recommended to complete the hold portfolio on altcoins at the current stage. You can even save profit if any of the altcoins in your portfolio go up or change the layout of your investment portfolio on altcoins. Or trade your alts with Pair BTC after ascending to BTC or ETH.

BTC.D September 18 Altcoins Analysis

September 11 Altcoins Analysis

Like Bitcoin, altcoins did not show any particular movement. And the market is still shallow and directionless. In this situation, you should be careful about the mischief of whales on the small currencies of the market.

September 4 Altcoins Analysis

Due to the range of Bitcoin and the decline of BTC.D, altcoins will get a good position for growth and pump. It will be the right place for whales and their pumps in these bitcoins that have experienced a greater decline in last week’s drops. Therefore, you can use long positions in the short term by considering a logical stoploss in altcoins. Note that if the saving transactions are profitable, profit and risk-free your positions.

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BTC.D September 4 Altcoins Analysis

August 28 Altcoins Analysis

Due to no change in market volatility, our weekly Altcoins analysis remains the same as last week and the previous analysis still stands.

August 20 Altcoins Analysis

With the decline of Bitcoin, altcoins also experienced a correction. But as predicted. Due to BTC.D’s fall, this correction was less and the speed of price recovery happened in many altcoins. At this stage, when Bitcoin will probably move towards $28,000, with the decline of BTC.D, altcoins will get a chance to pump. Therefore, in these conditions, the most dangerous transactions are short positions even in the scalp on altcoins. In this situation, sharks and whales play mischievous games.

BTC.D August 20 Altcoins Analysis

August 14 Altcoins Analysis

In this week’s altcoin analysis, we will explore the performance of select alternative cryptocurrencies, highlighting notable price movements, market trends, and key developments. Across the altcoin market, we observed mixed price action and varying market sentiments. While some altcoins experienced notable gains, others faced consolidation or minor corrections. Altcoin A showed significant bullish momentum, surging by 20% during the week. This rise was fueled by positive news surrounding its partnership with a major technology company and the launch of an innovative feature.

USDT.D August 14 Altcoins Analysis

Altcoin B witnessed steady growth, driven by increasing adoption in the gaming industry and the launch of a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. The project’s strong fundamentals and growing ecosystem contributed to its upward trend.

Altcoin C faced a slight setback due to regulatory concerns surrounding the sector. However, the project’s team addressed these concerns transparently, reassuring investors and paving the way for future growth.

BTC.D August 14 Altcoins Analysis

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates that some altcoins are approaching overbought territory, signaling a potential short-term correction. Traders should exercise caution and monitor price levels closely. Altcoin D found strong support at $0.20, with resistance levels at $0.30. A break above this resistance may indicate further upward movement, while a drop below support could lead to further consolidation. The altcoin market is dynamic and offers opportunities for traders and investors. Careful analysis of each project’s fundamentals, technical indicators, and market trends is crucial for making informed decisions. Stay updated with the latest news and developments to navigate the altcoin landscape effectively.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Investing in altcoins carries risks, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and consult with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

July 31 Altcoins Analysis

BTC.D broke its ascending channel exactly according to the previous analysis and now it is completing the pullback to the broken channel. After that, we expect the 47% area to drop, which will cause altcoins to make some recovery. In the meantime, altcoins left from the market will have a better chance to grow. Of course, you should also consider the fundamental issues of each project and do not enter into the transaction of a currency in this situation just because the price is low.

BTC.D 31 Altcoins  Analysis

July 17 Analysis

Correction of BTC.D According to past analysis, altcoins were able to compensate for some of their lag compared to BTC, but due to SEC risks and also some negative fundamental news, they still could not fully compensate for this lag. On the other hand, the withdrawal of capital from the market prevents the creation of an altseason in the current situation. But again, in the short term, traders could count on the growth of some altcoins, but note that after reaching the desired TPs, you must save profits.

BTC.D 17 Altcoins  Analysis

July 10 Analysis

For the past two week, the market has been in the range state.

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June 26 Analysis

With the growth of Bitcoin, as mentioned in the analysis below, altcoins recovered a bit in terms of price, and good pumps were also observed in currencies such as Waves. At this stage, the remaining altcoins from the Bitcoin range loading market and correction of BTC.D, which has also reached an important resistance area and divergence is observed, will rise to the 0.68 Fibonacci correction area and (If there is weakness in the trend) they will be suitable for a short position. Of course, keep in mind that in this market cycle, there is a possibility of high growth in altcoins, so be sure to use stop-loss in your transactions.

BTC.D June 26 Altcoins Analysis

June 19 Analysis

Considering the downward movement or the range of Altcoins Analysis in the last few weeks and that BTC.D has reached the ceiling of its ascending channel, it will correct from these areas and move up to 47%. Therefore, if Bitcoin suffers or declines, altcoins will face a lower decline this time, and sometimes pumps are also seen there. However, please note that if you open long positions, you should use Stoploss.

BTC.D June 19 Altcoins Analysis

June 12 Analysis

With the SEC’s action against Binance, the delisting of many currencies in the BinanceUS exchange, and the sale of Robinhood’s assets, altcoins often fell by 15-20%. By examining such data, we realize this selling pressure was not from the whales; mostly, the panic scale was from small traders. Still, in any case, it caused FUD in the market, and since the price recovery of Altcoins Analysis was made quickly, there is a possibility of further decline.

BTC.D June 12 Altcoins Analysis

But before this fall and decline, we will have another upward movement of Altcoins Analysis because BTC.D has also reached its resistance and needs to be corrected, and as a result, with the decline of BTC.D, altcoins will compensate for some of their falls.

May 29 Analysis

Regarding altcoins, due to the downward movement in front of Bitcoin and the reduction of BTC.D, altcoins will rise somewhat. As mentioned in last week’s analysis, we saw the pump of some altcoins; this week also, this will happen to the altcoins that made a lot of corrections and reached their important support due to the decrease in Bitcoin’s dominance.

BTC.D May 29 Altcoins Analysis

Due to the bearish nature of Bitcoin, traders should make long trades on altcoins with low leverage and small losses and avoid high risks.

May 22 Analysis

Because altcoins have mostly made good corrections and are often in good support areas, by ranging, or the slow Bitcoin correction described in the Bitcoin analysis, altcoins will be able to increase because of the decline in BTC.D, which may promise a short-term altcoin season, for this Altcoins Analysis.

BTC.D May 22 Analysis

The BTC.D k chart also demonstrates the trend’s weakness and divergence, which, if the daily time frame’s Head & Shoulder pattern is verified, will cause a good decline and present an opportunity for altcoins.

May 15 Analysis

According to the analysis done on Bitcoin, which we anticipate will increase, and the BTC.D chart, altcoins will increase as BTC.D declines, and we will witness additional pumps from altcoins. in this Altcoins Analysis, The Head & Shoulder pattern neckline has not yet been broken on the BTC.D chart, but a retreat to the 48% level is being completed, and if it is, a drop to the 44% level will occur. Altcoins will now have a chance to develop due to the ascent of Bitcoin.

BTCUSDT May 15 Analysis

The Total2 chart indicates low market volume and the potential for huge volatility, especially in altcoins; therefore, utilize tiny stop losses if you’re interested in placing long trades on altcoins near significant support levels.

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