What does Chedda token do?

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Ever hear of a token for the crypto culture? Because the Chedda token is the first of its type, the answer is most likely no. Here is a complete analysis.

A decentralized cultural token on the Ethereum blockchain is called Chedda. In a novel arrangement, holders of Chedda tokens have exclusive VIP access to some non-fungible token drops, including passes to social, entertainment, travel, and sporting events.

Chedda is a deflationary asset with a maximum quantity of 99.47 billion tokens. This is because tokens are burnt, or permanently withdrawn from circulation, after each transaction to purposefully reduce the supply. In the initial launch of Chedda, half of all tokens were burnt. Currently, each chedda transaction has a cost of 3%, of which 1% is permanently burnt and 2% is given back to the Chedda team for further development.

As of September 8, 2022, Chedda has a market valuation of slightly under $3.4 million and is ranked 3,386 among all cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

Where Can you Buy Chedda tokens?

BitMart, a controlled exchange, is the place where Chedda crypto coins may be purchased. Buyers can also utilize the decentralized Uniswap V2 system.

It’s crucial to remember that only specific cryptocurrency pairs can be used for transactions. Only Ethereum will be used for transactions on Uniswap, and only tether will be accepted for Chedda token purchases on BitMart.

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What does it do?

Chedda is a utility token that grants its owners access to special neighborhood events. The Chedda token, which links to culture, is a first-of-its-kind utility token, claims the project’s whitepaper. The Ethereum blockchain is used to produce the decentralized Chedda cryptocurrency. The Chedda coin adheres to ERC-20 token specifications. In order to ensure the authenticity and traceability of the coin, the protocol used the Ethereum blockchain. The security of the Ethereum blockchain is provided by thousands of active nodes throughout the world.

The native cryptocurrency of the Chedda system is called CHEDDA. CHEDDA asserts that token owners will get advantages in a variety of ways. According to its whitepaper, the CHEDDA coin offers a gathering called “Get-to- Getha’s.” Get-to-Getha events give Chedda token owners a fun and cost-free chance to socialize with other CHEDDA wallet owners. A user must only have an active CHEDDA wallet in order to take advantage of this possibility.

CHEDDA token non-fungible token (NFT)

Additionally, CHEDDA non-fungible token (NFT) drops are only available to Chedda token holders. These CHEDDA activities scheduled around time are intended to be covered by the NFT royalties. Additionally, the protocol arranges CHEDDA cultural conferences where wallet owners hope to receive NFT tickets to exclusive events through an airdrop. Speakers, DJs, influencers, and a range of sportsmen are often sought for such unique events. The protocol also supports yield farming and staking.

Another deflationary token is the chedda. This implies that each transaction results in the burning of Chedda tokens. Over time, the overall amount of Chedda tokens will be reduced by burning half of the available supply and one percent of each transaction. When a portion of tokens is transmitted to a wallet without a private key, it is known as burning cryptocurrency. As a result, the tokens are irretrievably lost. Tokens are typically burned in order to decrease their supply and raise their market value. The CHEDDA supply is 100 billion in total.

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How To Buy Chedda token

To acquire chedda cryptocurrency from each exchange, there are a few procedures to do. The following is a breakdown of each step.

How to Purchase Chedda on Unswap

Here is how it works:

  • Get a cryptocurrency wallet from MetaMask or Coinbase.
  • purchase Ethereum via the wallet, or send it through the ERC-20 network.
  • Connect the wallet by going to Uniswap.org.
  • Select “Select a token” and spend Ethereum on chedda.

How to Purchase Chedda with BitMart

Here is how it works:

  • Visit the BitMart website or mobile application.
  • Create a new account, then go through the verification steps.
  • The tether may be bought or transferred to the BitMart account.
  • Look for chedda and make a purchase using your tether balance.

Chedda token: Is It a Smart Investment?

Purchasing and holding chedda have two advantages. Token holders first have first access to NFT drops along with passes to conferences and events with DJs, celebrities, athletes, and other special guests. The price of chedda may increase if there is sufficient demand, which is the second advantage.

But after a dramatic decline in February 2022, its price has not since recovered. If the token’s value rises once again, this may be a good time to purchase, but it might also be a negative omen for Chedda as a whole.

Always invest only what you can afford to lose, as with all investments.


CHEDDA is an Ethereum blockchain ERC20 coin. On each transaction, there is a 3% tax. 1% of that tax gets incinerated forever. The remaining 2% goes for project development and marketing. CHEDDA becomes a deflationary coin as a result. Chedda provides its owners with a variety of alluring benefits. The upside may be constrained as a long-term investment, though.

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