What Is Crypto Tourism?

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In the past few years and with the increasing popularity of digital currencies in various industries, including the travel industry, crypto tourism has emerged as a unique way for enthusiasts and investors to expand their knowledge about digital assets. Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is now resuming and becoming more open to innovative ideas. In this article we will look into all the different sides of using cryptocurrency in travel and tourism and the good things it brings, and the exciting future it might have for travelers and businesses.

What Is Crypto Tourism?

Crypto tourism refers to a type of tourism that involves traveling to destinations or attending events related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Crypto Tourism

This can include: 

  • Visiting cities that are hubs for cryptocurrency activity, 
  • Attending blockchain conferences, 
  • Or participating in cryptocurrency-related activities such as mining or trading. 

Crypto tourism can also involve visiting businesses that accept cryptocurrency as payment, such as hotels or restaurants. The goal of crypto tourism is to explore and learn about the emerging world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while experiencing new cultures and destinations. Also read What is NFT Ticketing and How Does It Work?.

Who Uses Crypto Tourism?

Generally speaking, crypto tourism is popular among people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, including:

  • Crypto enthusiasts: These are individuals who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and are interested in learning more about the technology behind them. They may travel to attend blockchain conferences, and meetups, or visit cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Investors: People who invest in cryptocurrencies may travel to destinations where they can meet with crypto startups or attend events related to blockchain technology to learn more about the latest developments in the field.
  • Tech-savvy travelers: People who are interested in technology and innovation may be attracted to the idea of visiting destinations that are known for their cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own cryptocurrency or blockchain-related business may travel to destinations where they can network with like-minded individuals and gain insights into the industry.
  • Adventure seekers: Finally, some people may simply be attracted to the novelty and excitement of exploring new frontiers in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These adventurous travelers may be attracted to the idea of visiting destinations that are off the beaten path and have a unique, tech-oriented culture.
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Popular Crypto Tourism Platforms

Crypto tourism is a growing trend among travelers who want to explore destinations that accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Here are some of the most popular crypto tourism platforms:

  • Travala: Travala is a platform that allows users to book hotels and flights using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin. It has over 2 million properties in 90,000 destinations worldwide.
  • Cheapair: Cheapair is a travel booking website that accepts Bitcoin for flights and hotel bookings. It also offers a cryptocurrency payment plan, allowing users to pay for their trip in installments.
  • Expedia: Expedia is one of the largest online travel booking websites in the world, and it accepts Bitcoin as a payment option for hotel bookings. However, it does not yet accept Bitcoin for flights.
  • Destinia: Destinia is a Spanish travel booking website that accepts Bitcoin for hotel and flight bookings. It has over 500,000 hotels and 500 airlines available for booking.
  • 9flats: 9flats is a vacation rental platform that accepts Bitcoin for bookings. It has over 250,000 properties in over 100 countries.

These are just a few of the most popular crypto tourism platforms. As cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted, we can expect to see more travel booking websites offering crypto payment options.

What Are the Advantages of Crypto Tourism?

Crypto tourism brings many advantages for travelers and local communities involved. Here are some of the benefits:

1. More Financial Freedom and Security

Using cryptocurrencies for travel gives travelers greater flexibility and control over their finances. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies have lower exchange rates, transaction fees, and hidden costs. This makes travel more affordable and accessible for everyone.

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2. Support for Local Economies

Crypto tourism helps support local businesses and communities. When travelers use cryptocurrencies to pay for travel expenses, they contribute to the local economy. For example, if a traveler pays with Bitcoin at a hotel, the hotel owner can use that Bitcoin to support other local businesses, creating a thriving local economy.

3. Improved Transparency and Security

Crypto tourism promotes transparency and security in the travel industry. Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a public ledger, making it easier to track and verify payments. This reduces the risk of fraud and financial crimes that can affect travelers.

4. Positive Impact on Multiple Industries

Crypto tourism doesn’t only benefit the travel industry. It also drives innovation and growth in other industries, like finance. As more people use cryptocurrencies for travel and other expenses, these digital currencies become more integrated into mainstream society.

5. Learning Opportunities

Crypto tourism provides a platform for crypto enthusiasts to gather and exchange ideas about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. This not only gives them an advantage but also attracts new people to cryptocurrencies. This leads to a wider understanding, adoption, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the future.


In conclusion, crypto tourism can serve as a valuable platform for attracting new individuals to the world of cryptocurrencies and paving the way for wider acceptance and adoption. Crypto tourism provides travelers with an exciting opportunity to combine their love for exploration with the fascination of digital assets.

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