What is XANA Metaverse, and Should You Invest in It?

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The Metaverse is becoming more and more well-known, and new initiatives are constantly emerging. The metaverse-specific Ethereum sidechain known as XANA is becoming more well-known. It makes the claim that it is a rapid, inexpensive bespoke sidechain made especially for the Metaverse.

Before it takes off, everyone should get their hands on the excellent XANA Metaverse Coin initiative. This project could be helpful to you, given how quickly technology and the Metaverse are developing. In the Metaverse, you may create avatars, play games, acquire real estate, put on musical performances, play games, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Would you like to begin this project when it is just starting? You must read this article if you wish to use this cheap token to purchase land in the Metaverse. By the conclusion of this essay, you ought to be familiar with the Metaverse, the XANA metaverse coin, and its token, the Xeta token.

What is The Metaverse?

The sci-fi book “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson gave birth to the Metaverse in 1992. A virtual world that coexists with the actual one is referred to as a “metaverse” by author Neal Stephenson. Scientists are still baffled by the real-world Metaverse in 2022.

According to Mathew Ball, a pioneering investor and venture capitalist who has written extensively about it, the metaverse is a three-dimensional Internet and computing environment.

In Ball’s opinion, there are two perspectives on this in the present. All interactions back when these two technologies (the internet and computing) first emerged were mostly text-based (emails, messages, usernames, and email addresses).

They, therefore, began to depend more heavily on the media (photos, videos, and live streams). 3D user interfaces and user experiences are the following development in user interface and user experience design. The Metaverse might be compared to the idea of being “always online and always in our pockets” or “always with a computer and always in our pockets.”

Some researchers think that the Metaverse is a three-dimensional representation of the internet. It’s a virtual environment where you live your life. A virtual setting where everyone uses their avatar to speak with one another. Some individuals don’t think the Metaverse even exists.

It “is not real at this moment” and “won’t become authentic until people have a single area they can go into a virtual world that they can live in,” according to Ibrahim Baggili, a cybersecurity expert and the founding director of the Connecticut Institute of Technology at the University of New Haven. The “metaverse” will become more “distributed, democratic, flexible, and diverse” as it grows, he added.

What does Metaverse Have to Offer?

A shared virtual world that is immersive, interactive, and hyper-realistic is known as the Metaverse. But the term changes according to the situation. Additionally, you will be able to create a special avatar and digital assets, which will probably be saved on the blockchain.

The present Metaverse has most closely resembled the VR simulation game Second Life. According to experts, the ability to float into the virtual world and participate in activities like purchasing real estate, hosting events, and even getting married while utilizing virtual avatars as a pair would improve the VR experience.

Similar to previous metaverses, the landscapes are divided into discrete land parcels, in this instance consisting of 11 grids (50m x 50m in-game area). These plots can include up to 44 units (200m x 200m).

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These NFT plots are open to being bought, traded, or rented out to other users. Customers will be able to acquire a limited number of 150,000 plots through a variety of channels.

What Is XANA Metaverse?

A sidechain on the Ethereum network is home to the XANA metaverse coin. All of the most well-known blockchains and the most well-liked wallets are accessible through XANA.

The program has greatly expanded over the past two years and employs over 100 people from over 15 different countries. In the meantime, XANA was creating the backbone of the Metaverse, including a wide-scale sidechain solution. The Olympics, the City of Tokyo, the Fuji Group, well-known animation studios, governmental bodies, and institutions with billions of dollars in potential income are just a few of the major organizations that work with XANA.

With the introduction of XANA’s first gaming economies, it is now feasible to utilize avatars from all around the globe. Worldwide, businesses create online interactions. The popular blockchains and all standard wallets are compatible with XETA tokens. Businesses, companies, and crypto enthusiasts may accept it now. A few of the technologies on which XANA is built include Ethereum, the BNB chain, Solana, Terra Luna, Polygon, and Solidity.

XANA’s Metaverse, which has two native titles ready for release, is powered by the Unity game engine. The first game is NFT DUEL, a trading card battle game that debuted as the XANA Metaverse’s first native GameFi. The second game is a collaboration with Ultraman, one of the most well-known anime characters on Netflix.

Due to its ability to engage with avatars and the virtual property market, XANA is a market leader in the Metaverse GameFi sector. XANA has built a robust ecosystem to compete with the most well-known Metaverse initiatives, like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

XANA also operates XANALIA, a cross-chain NFT market. Numerous incredible NFT collections that are available on the Polygon, BNB, and Ethereum chains may be searched by users. Additionally, XANALIA has a financial dashboard where users can stake the ALIA token in return for benefits.

XANA Metaverse Coin (XETA)

The project’s main utility token is XETA, the lifeline token of the Metaverse. It is accessible on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Terra blockchains and has a one billion token supply.

XETA may be used to buy land, avatars, and other things that will all be included in the XETA ecosystem, as well as to pay transaction fees and microtransactions.

XETA Tokenomics

● Token title: XANA
● Blockchain:: Binance Smart Chain
● BEP-20 is the standard token.
● Form of token: Utility
● Total circulation supply: 1,000,000,000 XETA

Token allocation

● Seed: 5%
● Private: 11%
● Ecosystem: 29%
● Staking: 15%
● Marketing: 10%
● Sponsorship fund: 7%
● Consultant: 5%
● Founder: 17%

How to Earn in XANA Metaverse

Let’s discuss how you can earn some money in the XANA metaverse.

Participate in the game

A wide variety of play-to-earn games will be produced and provided to gamers by XANA Metaverse. They may thus earn money by enjoying these fun activities.

Trading virtual goods

Future demand possibilities for users may be numerous. Users may exchange a variety of alluring virtual items for interest on XANA. The land is the most crucial of these.

Create online events

Due to their incredible actions, users might aspire to become metaverse influencers. As a result of their widespread recognition throughout the Metaverse, individuals have options to make money and other goods.

Reasons to Invest in XANA Metaverse

It’s important to note that businesses, GameFi, and NFT sales all favor XANA since it offers the best user experience for the projected billions of users of the Metaverse.

The following reasons account for this:

Just like a flash

A metaverse economy with billions of users is supported by the XANA metaverse coin. Low-cost Sidechain created specifically for the Metaverse The XANA Metaverse currency receives cash inflows in a variety of methods, which lowers the cost of transactions.

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Delegated proof of stake

Transactions in the Metaverse can be validated using the XANA metaverse token.


XANA’s Sidechain is a blockchain designed expressly for use in the Metaverse in addition to generic blockchains. The necessary SDKs and codebase libraries are included for an efficient onboarding process.

Interesting characteristics

The XANA metaverse currency stands out above all other metaverse currencies for having desirable features, including a no-code environment and an app for mobile, PC, and VR, among others.

End-user support for billions of people

By connecting to a number of significant blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Terra, and Polygon, XANA’s second-layer solution will make its technology accessible to consumers on the most well-known platforms. In addition to supporting AR and VR, having a no-code builder, and having patented low-cost layer two technologies to maximize accessibility, the platform is similar to Decentraland.


Using the avatar creator, you can be anybody or anything you want to be. Producers or businesses may utilize NFT drops as a source of revenue to provide a wide range of exclusive avatars.


Within XANA, LAND is a 3D virtual environment. Each LAND is a distinct (non-fungible) token on the open Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721). The majority of the LAND and other digital assets will be distributed as NFTs to the XANA Metaverse’s user base. Following that, users can sell or keep their digital assets in XANA.

Users will control the majority of the digital resources in the XANA Metaverse. The digital assets of the user base will not be under the control of any central body since XANA will be a decentralized Metaverse. In the Metaverse, only 150,000 virtual lands with verified ownership may be utilized for transactions, rentals, and service provision.

Mind-made inventions

The creators’ goal is to introduce known characters and events into the Metaverse in fascinating new ways for the over a hundred worldwide brands with whom they collaborate.

What Distinguishes XANA From Other Metaverse Coins

There have been and will be further metaverse coins in the future. However, the creators of the XANA metaverse token have a solid track record. These creators have created a long-term strategy to distinguish the currency.

The XANA Metaverse currency is the only one out of Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Gala Games, and Xepeto that includes:

● Mobile app
● PC app
● VR app
● Wearable collaboration
● Government Collaboration
● AR features
● Event maker
● Top anime collaborations
● Create in order to profit
● Play-2-earn
● Non-code avatar builder
● Non-code environment builder

Marketing Plan for XANA

Let’s look at XANA’s marketing approach to help you decide whether or not to invest in XANA Metaverse.
powered by IP

The platform develops branding and global positioning by negotiating agreements with well-known anime and gaming IPs to mint NFTs to entice fans from these IPs to XANA’s platform.

Collaboration between leading IPs produces more recognizable IPs with a fan following hungry to create blockchain games. By employing the platform and APIs of XANA, they may quickly finish the creation of their game and tokenize the objects.

XANA has already received several bids for the development of games based on well-known TV shows that will be transformed into Metaverse NFT games.

Business partners

Their partner, J&J, is a partnership between JCB, the largest credit card provider in the world with 141 million members and a 285 billion USD annual volume, and JTB, the largest travel firm in Japan with 10 billion US dollars in annual international revenue.

Additionally, Japan’s biggest media conglomerate, Fuji Media Conglomerate, is its principal media partner. Through this cooperation, XANA will build a strong user base.

SocialFi: KOL

Engage KOL early on with a special agreement (revenue split) to supply the land and create their famous worlds, then plan virtual events to provide them visual content to share with their followers and ask them to travel to XANA’s territory. They also give kids rewards based on how many social interactions they have. By driving traffic to Metaverse, micro-influencers can also get compensated for their social mining efforts on behalf of Metaverse.

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Create to profit

In order to quickly complete the development and coding of the XANA factors, game developers, material designers, and avatar creators will be encouraged by XANA to use the SDK or platform builder and XANA interfaces. This will enable them to quickly produce intriguing NFT video games, appealing news, adorable avatars, and wearable products.

Viral video promotion

The capacity to produce Tik-Tok-style metaverse/avatar short films is one of the main features. It incites both KOLs and regular users to post hilarious content utilizing their avatars and emotes (poses). Being more noticeable than an influencer changing their profile image to one of the PFP NFTs enhances the likelihood that any of them will become viral on social media.

Metaverse Collaborations with XANA

Its GameFi, a trading card game based on NFTs, is called NFTDuel. Players can use anime characters in the XANA metaverse game NFTDuel, which transforms well-known IPs into NFT cards.

The use of NFTDuel GameFi in Japan has received approval from the local government. Since February, when Tottori was chosen as the first partnership partner by Japan’s National Governor’s Association, Tottori Prefecture has been working with Japan NFT. And one of the most well-known manga series in the world is Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka.

Fundraising efforts are now being made by XANA to help the community thrive. With the assistance and cooperation of DAOMaker (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which supports the creation of initiatives, they now have 3648 investors participating by staking a total of $66 million in money.

The goal of XANA is to provide all of the infrastructure needed for the entry of this brand-new Metaverse. They pledge to create a user-owned, decentralized metaverse. With the help of this incredible partnership, financing will enable everyone to gradually join the XANA metaverse and create their own independent future.

XANA’s Roadmap for 2022

2022 Q1

● Mobile Metaverse alpha launch
● GameFi NFTDrop
● Land private sale
● Major IPs acquisition

2022 Q2

● First NFT collection launch
● AI system alpha launch
● NFTDUEL private alpha launch
● Private land sale
● More IPs acquisition
● XANA Chain test net launch

2022 Q3

● Desktop Metaverse Alpha launch
● World Builder alpha launch
● NFTDUEL public alpha launch
● Public land sale
● More IPs acquisition
● XANA Chain main net launch

2022 Q4

● VR Metaverse alpha launch
● Game Builder alpha launch
● More IPs acquisition

Pros and Cons of XANA Metaverse

You can now comprehend the entire XANA Metaverse better by weighing the advantages and disadvantages.


On Ethereum, XANA has a distinctive side chain.
very quick transactions without exorbitant gas costs
able can be connected to all major blockchains
and reputable institutions across the globe
NFTDUEL is the only native Gamefi in the world that can turn any intellectual property into a game, including anime, manga, well-known painters, and elite sportsmen are already available from XANA.


Still being studied and developed is the coin.
Still not available on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance

What Is the XANA Project’s Long-Term Outlook, and Should you Purchase XETA Tokens?

XANA is a project designed to provide a Metaverse where people may sign up and connect socially, much like Decentraland. To make their goods available in the Metaverse, the project has partnered with a number of significant businesses and institutions. Another XANA-focused establishment is NFT Game. The XANA Metaverse may now incorporate NFT video games, according to the project. This article should have provided you with enough knowledge about the project to enable you to make an educated investment choice. Always use caution while making investments because this cryptocurrency is still relatively new, and things might change.

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